Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The 4 Best Dogs For Families

By Robin Setser

There are many breeds of dogs, but some seem to be more tailor-made for family life than others. Many of these animals possess energy and friendliness that the best animal specialists will be unable to overlook. With that said, you might be curious to know which breeds are recommended for families, particularly those with young children. Here are just 4 of the breeds in question that you should take into consideration.

Golden Retriever - When it comes to the ideal family dogs, it's hard to overlook Golden Retrievers. Not only are they playful but they can be calm as well, which is especially useful for families with rambunctious children. When your children roughhouse, the family dog will be able to stay collected. Keep in mind, though, that this is just one of many breeds that companies such as Assisi Animal Health can recommend.

Beagle - Despite the fact that Beagles are smaller breeds, they make for excellent family pets all the same. One of the reasons for this is that they are naturally full of energy, meaning that they'll be able to play for hours on end. This will allow your pet to receive the exercise they need, even without stepping out of the home. Not only are Beagles active, but their short statures and floppy ears add to their already noticeable charm.

English Bulldog - Not only are they strong, but English Bulldogs have proven time and time again to be loving family pets. Their calmness cannot be understated, since they're able to keep their cool at all times. What's also worth noting is that they are physically strong, as evidenced by their thick limbs and stocky builds in general. If you're looking for a capable family pet, you cannot go wrong with an English Bulldog.

Bernese Mountain Dog - Another large breed is the Bernese Mountain Dog, which originated from Switzerland. Like most family dogs, this particular breed is calm, all the while vigilant. After all, it can be quite protective when it comes to its pack, or family in this case. What many people don't know about Bernese Mountain Dogs is that they are surprisingly shy. With enough bonding time, though, your pet will become more comfortable with you.

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