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Things To Know Before Buying Blue French Bulldog Puppies WA

By Edward Miller

Having a pet is quite a challenge and a joy also. Sometime for those of us who can afford it we will want to have a unique pet like a blue French bully. Thus if you are Seattle WA at the moment you may be interested in a blue bully after seeing a blue French bulldog puppies WA for sale sign. If you are raring to get one of these rare dogs then do read on to learn more about it.

According to the American Kennel Club, this dog is not considered a separate breed or of breed standard quality. The blue color or rather the fairly off gray color that gives it the appearance of a blue sheen, is considered by purists as an undesirable trait as a whole. The lesser than solid black color of its fur is due to a recessive or dilute gene, which also gives this bully different eye colors.

Many will say that the gene should not be purposely made by breeding as this will dilute the purer gene pool and in time may affect the pure original color across the entire population. This will mean that the black original may become rarer. Though quite extreme in terms of its argument, there is still no clear cut general principle on how this particular breed be bred for recessive traits. Until then however, the blue bully is never accepted in American Kennel Club dog show despite its growing popularity.

Many against this breed will say that it will suffer or be generally afflicted with many different kinds of diseases and health complications. These allegations have still to be proven by research and scientific facts, and it is just known that the blue French bully has the same problems like the original one.

A general complication suffered by the breed will be shortness of breath due to a compacted airway, and also coupled with its pug nose, difficulty in regulating internal temperature. They cannot stand extreme temperatures and must be kept cool during summer time. It is best that these dogs stay in temperate climates. Regular vet visits are needed to control fleas, ticks and heart parasites.

When you do search for breeders of this dog, do not go for a puppy mill. A puppy is a place where unscrupulous breeders maximize their breeding output to make profit. Unscrupulous breeders of the blue bully will attempt to have at least more than two litters of this color a year, which is forcing the recessive gene to come out more frequently, which is a basic no no. Remember that industry wise it is a rarity and not a common occurrence.

When looking for a reputable breeder, do go online. Visit forums and talk to other owners or enthusiasts and you will be able to weed out the good from the bad. Also go for breeders that have high kennel club reputations and standings so as to give you better peace of mind.

Thus this article hopefully has covered some basic facts that you need to know before making your final purchase. Always get as much information as you can on any breed before committing. Remember that a good pet owner is a responsible and a well informed one.

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