Sunday, February 19, 2017

What To Know Before Visiting Breeders Ragdoll Cats

By Joyce King

At this moment in time you are likely in the market for a new cat to keep you company. As part of your search you may have thought of a visit to visit some breeders ragdoll cats in your area or proximate vicinity. It is however advisable to acquaint yourself with this breed prior to purchasing one. Read on in this article for some much needed information that can serve as a guide for you.

The cat gets its name from a popular girls toy of the early century. This is because it will become very pliant and practically boneless and limp as soon as anyone picks it up or handles it. A quite unique characteristic of this breed has something to do with its eyes also. It will only have blue eyes and nothing else.

Considered as probably the most docile of all cats in the feline world, it is a cat that is never expected to win any fights. Due to such an inability to win any physical altercation, have the good practice to keep it inside for a majority of its natural life. Keeping it inside will prevent it from getting into any confrontations with other animals, other cats, strays and the like.

A foreseen disadvantage for the owner due to its docility is related to security. As it is very tame it can be handled by anyone, even by complete strangers. And thus due to this it can be spirited away quite easily. Thus this is another good reason for keeping it inside for its entire life.

This breed however will also owe its popularity to its docility and overall friendly nature also. It is a cat that paws, rather than claws at things it likes to play with or shows an interest in. It is thus very safe to keep around small children so you will not expect any scratching injuries. It goes without saying that this cat will not be a candidate for declawing.

This cat does love the water and be around it. Therefore you should have no qualms about giving it a bath, for it will quite enjoy it. Remember however that its fur is prone to get matted and tangled so you will need to brush it regularly, at least twice a week. This will ensure essential oils from its skin will be distributed, which is crucial for fur health and maintenance.

Having this breed will give one a pleasant surprise as it does not act aloof and snooty like other cats. It will act more like a small puppy and dog as it loves to follow its owner around and get involved in any activity.

In sum these are generally important things that you should know about the ragdoll before you buy it. Do make sure that you research also on care and diet needs so that you will be fully informed. It will take a lot of commitment and responsibility to be a responsible cat owner.

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