Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What You Need To Know About Havanese Ontario Canada Before Taking The Dog Home

By Margaret Lee

Havanese dog is small in size with silky hair with eyes that express warmth. Many people like it because it makes an excellent companion and like keeping close to the owner. Leaving them for a long time alone will make them very uncomfortable. They also like the company of all the family members which makes them feel a part of the household. Here is information you may want to know about the Havanese Ontario Canada breed.

The breed is known to show it is affectionate to all that it meets including strangers. It is the right breed to put in your home if you have children or other pets. It will play well with your kids, but you need to ensure that you supervise the young children. It is best you take the time to teach your child how to play with the dog so that they can avoid making it angry.

Most people think that small dogs have little energy, and though this is true in most cases, it is, in fact, the opposite when it comes to the Havanese breed of dog. Despite their small nature, they are energetic and playful. Thus, you need to make sure that you find the time to play as well as take the dog for walks. Failure to do this, the dog will end up having too much energy and turn out to be destructive.

Though the silky coat of this breed is beautiful, they need to have regular brushing and care. Some prefer to clip the hair short so that it does not tangle. However, if you want to show off your dog, you will need to invest time grooming it or hire a groomer to do it for you. One benefit of keeping the hair long is if it is a hot season, it will help the dog to stay calm.

If you find barking dogs disturbing, then this is the best breed for you. It will make sure it maintains the cool, and if you hear it bark, there must be something serious, never ignore when you hear it bark as it rarely does.

It is the obligation of the owner to keep the dog healthy and well fed. Therefore before you plan to take the new friend home, make sure you have enough money to feed it and take it to the vet when necessary. That way you will prolong its life.

If you choose to have this breed as your puppy of choice, then look for a professional breeder who is reliable and honest. There are many breeders whose main reason are to make money and will not care about the puppy. Such breeders will not ensure the health of their animals, and therefore you may end up taking an animal whose health is not the best.

Most people think that taking care of the dog is easy, but when they get it, they find that they are not up to challenge. Remember that a dog is like a child and will rely on you for everything. You need to make sure that you are up to the task before you take one home.

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