Friday, March 24, 2017

Information On French Bullies For Sale Before You Buy

By Carol Murray

A pet can be described as being one of the greatest joys and experiences one can have while on this earth. Man would even say that animal companionship will beat human companionship hands down every time, that is once you have experienced the joys of having a pet. Many of you friends have suggested a French bulldog for your needs, and you may have agreed to it. Thus before going out and buying French bullies for sale, then you do need to have more information that is covered in this article.

Another name for the French bulldog is the frenchie, and according to statistics of the American Kennel Club ranks sixth as the most popular dog in America. Being part of the mastiff line, it has seen action in the past when it was used in the sport of bull baiting in the ancient Mediterranean. When the sport was outlawed, many of these mastiffs found themselves out of a job and was thus turned into pets.

The personality of this breed is seen as being very playful and smart. This breed is adaptable to any situation but it does crave attention 101 percent of the entire time, making it an attention monger of sorts. It lets out a slow ululating noise or sound once it feels it is neglected, and this has gotten the name of the French death yodel from those who are familiar with it. The females of this breed are known to be very protective of their young and anyone they care for.

Even though this dog can be classified as a dog possessing medium levels of energy, it can be quite content being inactive for extended periods of time. Thus many who live in apartments and small condominiums should be quite content with this breed. Despite its ability to stay inactive, it must be given at least a thirty minute walk everyday.

It shares a common ancestry with the English bulldog but it does differ in some respect. It is much smaller with shorter legs and has wider girth physically. Its ears are also perennially erect. The frenchie does not have the same alpha dog tendency as the English bulldog and thus one can expect it to be tamer and safer around other animals and even children.

Its lifespan is not that long when compared to other breeds, lasting only around eight to ten years. Its lifespan can be a extended a bit with proper nutrition and maintenance as prescribed by your veterinarian. It will also contend with cataracts and relate eye conditions as it ages.

Due to it having a snub nose and a more compact airway unlike most dogs, it will suffer from problems related to maintaining and regulating internal core body temperatures. Thus this dog is best owned in places without extreme temperatures, meaning it is not meant to really be in places like tropical or sub arctic climatic conditions.

Thus this article has shown some things that you need to know about this breed before you buy one. It will also be a good idea to do more research prior to your final purchase so you can have a more informed and solid decision and have no regrets later.

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