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Advice By Hopkinton MA Pest Control On How To Handle Rodents

By Cliford Waluhan

Mice can look cute, but they can turn out to be such a nuisance in your home, if they are not handled in time. Mice can cause a lot of destruction, since they like to nibble at things. This includes electrical cables and insulation. This can end up costing you quite a lot. It can be quite disappointing trying to find something in your house, only to find out that mice have gotten to it and eaten it. You can get a panic attack, especially when you find the live mice still inside your stuff when you are trying to get something. Hopkinton MA Pest Control has some tips on how you can handle this.

One of the most popular solutions that a lot of people go for is using a spring release trap to catch the mice. Traditionally, these traps are loaded with cheese, so as to attract mice. These traps are quite effective.

Glue traps can also be used. However, this is not a very caring way of getting rid of mice. The mice get trapped by the sticky substance on the trap whenever they step onto it. The mice die of starvation.

Live traps catch the mice but they don't cause the mouse to die. You can opt to let the mice go. Off course, you have to let it off quite far from your house, so that the mouse doesn't return.

You can also keep various pets that eat mice. This includes having a cat or snakes. The only problem with this method is that it is not guaranteed, since you are not sure whether the pets will eat the mice or not. You can also opt to poison the mice. This often brings good results and it's a less cumbersome process.

Of course, prevention is better than trying to get rid of the mice. Having your home treated with repellent, both outside and in can help keep the mice from entering in the first place. Closing any broken windows and filling any cracks or holes that mice can get into is also necessary. If they can't get in, or don't want to, then eliminating them is not an issue.

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