Monday, April 3, 2017

Before You Go And Visit French Bulldog Breeders

By Steven Adams

You may be thinking of getting a pet seeing how happy your friends are with theirs. In fact you are thinking of taking the plunge and visiting any of several French bulldog breeders in Ohio so that you can get a puppy. Before you do visit theme however, it pays to know a bit more about the pet you have in mind.

The breed is ranked as the sixth most popular dog in the United States, according to experts of the American Kennel Club. This is probably due in fact that it is quite playful and has an adaptable personality. It used to be a breed used for the blood sport of bull baiting, and widely dispersed in Europe by Phoenician traders. When the sport was made illegal, many unemployed bulldogs became household pets.

This dog is an attention monger according to a majority of those that have had experience with it. If it feels it is being ignored it will let out an eerie ululating noise that many have labeled as the French Death Yodel. Females of the breed are also known to be very caring and also protective of those they care for.

In terms of activity level, they can be rated as a medium by most experts. They can on the other hand remain perfectly still or inactive for long periods, and thus are a boon to have in smaller living quarters such as can be found in inner cities and apartment buildings. They should however be at least be taken out for a half hour of walking so as to dissipate any excess energy and also to make them stretch their legs a bit.

The British bulldog is a close relation, but this dog is much smaller and has a wider girth. It looks a bit bat like due to its constantly erect ears when view from certain angles. It does not have the alpha aggressiveness of its British cousin, and thus safer to leave alone with other animals and children in the house.

They will develop cataracts as they get on in age so this must be prepared for. Their small airways and pug noses make it hard for them to regulate their core body temperatures, so it will not do to keep them in places of extreme heat or cold. IF you live in almost arctic conditions or in tropical climates, this dog may not be the one for you.

They are also a fairly short lived breed sad to say, only living from between eight to ten years in average. To extend their lifespan a bit it is advisable to get the advice of your veterinarian on proper maintenance and upkeep, as well as proper nutrition guidelines.

In conclusion, this short write up has shown what basic you should know if you want to take this breed on as a new pet and companion. You must always be a responsible owner by getting more information on whatever pet you want to take on so that you will not regret the commitment later on, not only for your sake, but for your pet's sake as well.

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