Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Buying North Carolina Ragdoll Kittens

By Susan White

The long haired felines with the most loving, loyal and gentle personality has earned its name as the Ragdoll. North Carolina Ragdoll kittens are sold by registered breeders who invest the time, money and the effort to raise healthy pets and ensure that the potential owners are overjoyed with their new additions. If you wish to own one of these stunning cats, the next set of tips can help you find a suitable breeder.

When you are prepared to purchase and adopt a Ragdoll kitten, if you are not going to a shelter, ensure that your breeder is certified and reputable. Registered Ragdoll breeders include TICA licensing representative of The International Cat Association where breeders are issued identification numbers to register their litters. It involves a strict set of regulations and practices that a seller must follow to produce well bred kittens.

When looking for specific Ragdolls, the breeder must provide registration and kittens need to have been carefully examined by a qualified veterinarian. Before any new pet is purchased, a thorough health check must be performed by a qualified vet including the provision of vaccinations. Any puppy or kitten sold under 8 weeks of age has not developed a healthy immune system and is highly susceptible to disease.

Every reputable seller will deworm Ragdolls before they leave for their new home. It prevents exposing the new owners, children and other pets to parasites that could have significant health implications. The proper assessments and wellness practices available will support the purchase of healthy and properly bred pets to prevent buying kittens that are ill or poorly cared for.

Remain aware of a backyard breeder during your search and ensure that you do not purchase any pets from such individuals. Their practices are not regulated and in most cases these sellers will breed litters continuously to generate an income. Most cats will be raised in poor conditions or possess mixed generations that compromise the long term well-being and form of the feline.

Ragdolls are among the most attractive felines and should only be purchased from breeders who know what they are doing. Genetics and selecting specific traits in each feline breeding pair can help maintain the strength of the bloodline and ensure that only the strongest kittens are produced. These pets must be provided a comfortable and conducive environment to minimize exposure to disease and compromised health.

Ragdolls are bred to withstand cold climates possessing a plush and think coat that does not release large amounts of shed hair. It is important to provide these felines with a fair amount of attention on a daily basis to protect against feelings of anxiety and stress around the home. If you are going to spend long periods out during the day, contacting the appropriate sitters can help keep these felines occupied.

A registered breeder will deliver healthy and well bred kittens that can easily be introduced into their new home. All pets need to be vaccinated and the personality naturally bold and curious indicative of a well cared for feline. Once you are aware of the factors to look out for and questions to ask, you can find a breeder who is experienced and reputable in the management of Ragdolls.

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