Saturday, April 15, 2017

Can PEMF Therapy For Cats Help Against FIV?

By Robin Setser

If you want to discuss the most serious feline-related conditions, you're going to want to talk about feline immunodeficiency virus. Anyone that understands FIV will tell you that it impacts a cat's life over the course of time, as opposed to appearing out of nowhere. There are ways that you can keep your pet healthy, however. For concerned pet owners, this is what you should know about FIV and electromagnetic therapy for cats alike.

FIV surfaces due to different reasons, as companies such as Assisi Animal Health will tell you. It can be transmitted from mother to child, but the most common method is through bites. If an aggressive cat with FIV bites a healthy cat, the latter will become infected. What makes this disease even more troubling is the fact that symptoms usually don't surface until later on down the road. Pet owners across the board would be wise to make note of this.

There are numerous symptoms linked to FIV, and they will arise slowly over time. The most common signs run the gamut from a general loss of appetite to gingivitis, meaning that pet owners should expect a variety of health problems to arise. As a matter of fact, if pet owners do not administer the proper care, their cats' health will slowly decline. Fortunately, there are medical solutions that can be provided by your local veterinarian.

Seeing as how there's no solid cure in place for FIV yet, it's important to look into other methods. Pain relief is entirely possible for cats with this condition, as evidenced by the presence of electromagnetic therapy for horses. Not only is it noninvasive, eliminating the need for surgery, but it's widely effective to boot. Preventive measures, such as maintaining your cat's healthy diet, and keeping them away from infected animals, are recommended as well. By using common sense, your cat's likelihood of developing this disease will decrease.

As you can see, there is much to learn about FIV, even beyond the information covered earlier. There are different methods that can be used, not only for prevention but management of the disease itself, so it's important for pet owners to continually arm themselves with knowledge. Not only does this logic apply to FIV, but any other feline-related illness you can think of. Your pet deserves the best, and the information you have will be nothing short of conducive to this.

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