Thursday, April 27, 2017

Choosing The Best Ragdoll Breeders TICA Registered

By Amy Kennedy

Breeding Ragdolls is a timely and very expensive process with sellers emphasizing the importance of investing in the complete well-being of all pets. When looking for Ragdoll breeders TICA registered included, it is not as simple as contacting the first number you find online. It is a very refined process requiring careful research and knowledge of the feline before moving forward with your purchase.

Simple tips that future pet owners can follow will assist buyers in the purchase of a kitten including the appropriate TICA registration and health standard. TICA represents The International Cat Association as the main governing body for breeding regulations and maintenance of pedigree. If you wish to own one of these beautiful cats, TICA registered breeders must be consulted.

The Ragdoll cat is a very distinct feline possessing beautiful patterns including a brown face and legs with bold blue eyes. The fur is soft and plush with minimal shedding making it easy to maintain and a gentle personality ensures these felines are friendly and well handled around children and strangers. Knowing how to find the right breeder will make the buying process pleasant and prepare you for the new addition.

Contacting a reputable seller will help you view litters and interact with cats to determine whether it is the right breed for you. Felines rely on constant care from their owners including visits to the vet and a great quality diet to minimize ailments and maintain a strong, healthy condition. Kittens are sold to buyers who are prepared to provide for the needs of young pets and afford their care.

All kittens must be sold with health certification including a detailed vet check to eliminate disease and strengthen immunity. The health assessment and proof provide the new owner with certification that healthy kittens are sold free from any disease and abnormality. It is important to call on a professional breeder who has had kittens examined and tested against ailments and physical dysfunction.

You must be offered the chance to view the litters in their home environment including a visit to the home of the seller. Look out for a cattery that is clean and ensure that the kittens are free from odors and curious to meet you without any fear. Improving your awareness of this breed can help determine whether it is a suitable choice.

Ragdolls with health checks and TICA certification do not come cheap owing to the growing costs of taking care of these cats. Careful genetic selections and the choice of breeding pairs for show purposes or house pets making the process costly and time consuming. Cats are not bred with every season as females are provided time to recover and therefore new owners will need to wait on a signed list for available litters.

TICA registered breeders are prepared to incorporate important regulations and practices that meet the health standards for these felines. With research, it can help you find the right pets and trust your seller to make the process of finding a feline friend more pleasant. Your homework is an important step in finding cats that are well bred and without ailments.

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