Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Benefits Of Using San Antonio Pet Grooming Services

By Dennis Baker

Grooming is an important factor in the care of companion animals. Grooming a pet will help you detect illnesses or other conditions in the early stage. This means that the problem will be treated earlier, preventing the lasting effects of illnesses. Any diseases can be treated effectively and eradicated quickly. To groom your companion animal easily, you can take it to a San Antonio pet grooming service.

One of the things that pet groomers do is brushing pets. Regular brushing eliminates dirt, dead hairs and dandruff from pets. In cats and kittens, brushing also helps reduce the number of hairballs they ingest. Brushing also prevents matting and tangles, which can cause infections and pain.

Brushing will also stimulate the natural oil found in the coat of animals. This oil will spread across the coat during brushing, leaving a glossy and healthy sheen. During brushing, the groomer will also examine the pet for any traces of ticks, bald patches, swelling, dryness and other problems.

The ears of pets can be an area of concern, especially for the animals that are more susceptible to infections and parasites. The ears of a pet must be clean and with no bad odor. A veterinary doctor should check any swelling, red mark or bad odor. If there is a mite and tick infestation, it should be dealt with.

The eyes of pets can be infected if the hairs around them are not trimmed. The eyes should be clear and bright. Make sure that a veterinary doctor examines eyes that appear sore or watery.

The process of grooming pets also involves the checking the teeth. To prevent any cases of periodontal disease in your pet, ensure that the teeth are brushed regularly. If the pet has bad breath, you should know that it is an oral issue. A veterinary doctor can recommend specialist toothbrushes and toothpaste, which can get rid of the problem.

Pet groomers also offer bathing services for the animals. However, your pet should not be bathed often to prevent stripping of the natural oil in the skin. Lack of this natural oil will lead to itchy and dry patches. This can result to infections when scratched. You should bathe the animal occasionally to keep it clean and free of germs. A vet doctor can advise you about when to bathe your pet.

The other aspect of animal grooming is nail trimming. Pets can have very sharp nails, which need to be trimmed regularly to prevent serious injury. Regular trims can minimize the risk of injury and stop pets from being caught in upholstery. Nail trimming also reduces the risk of having ingrown nails. For older pets, nail trimming can ease joint pain.

Clipping is another service offered in some veterinary clinics. This service involves removal of mats and tangles and removing excess coat from affected areas. This task is not easy. The pet groomer will apply sedation to perform this because some pets are difficult. Experienced groomers who have equipment that will prevent cutting of the skin should perform this task. You can enhance the health and appearance of your pet by taking it for regular grooming.

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