Friday, April 28, 2017

Things To Know About Cavachon Pups

By Raymond Brooks

Dogs make wonderful companions who are always there to make a person feel loved, to entertain, to comfort, and who are infinitely loyal. When the time come to choose a new pet, it is important to make sure to opt for an animal whose health risks, grooming needs, personality characteristics, general behavioral traits, and activity levels, are suitable to the way one lives their life. Cavachon pups are a designer breed that has many attractive qualities that make them great for most any situations.

They are created by combining a pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a full Bichon Frise, which are both listed in the Toy category as far as sizing goes. It is possible to get them by mating two Cavachons of the first generation, though their breeding is difficult which makes them rare and when following generations are bred, certain desired qualities may diminish. There is no authoritative standards set and no major kennel club recognition as they are a mixed breed.

These dogs are quite small, typically reaching no more than thirteen inches high and eighteen pounds when fully grown. Though they may be a variety of colors, they are commonly shades of brown, white, and peach. They are considered hypoallergenic as their soft, silky, thick slightly wavy or curly coats are generally low dander and minimal shed.

They should have an lifespan of between 15-20 years when given the proper care and regular checkups to maintain their health. Issues that typically plague small dogs such as heart murmurs, eye ulcerations resulting from hair rubbing against their eyes, and flea allergies, are common. Fur tends to grow into their ears which need to get weekly cleanings to avoid infections.

Although quite energetic, Cavachons are not hyperactive, but they are intelligent, gentle, social, affectionate, and friendly. Their indoor behavior is typically very controlled but to get rid of pent up energy, it is advisable to provide walks or playtime daily. As they form deep emotional bonds, these dogs love the company of other pets and humans, alike.

The upkeep and maintenance of this particular breed can be rather time consuming. They do not shed much but their fur is thick, wavy or curly and has a tendency to become badly matted. If a person is not willing to take the time to thoroughly brush their pet's coat on a daily basis, the costs of required trips to a professional groomer could grow significant.

This is an intelligent breed and the dogs are relatively fast learners when training is done consistently. It is best to begin their socialization and behavioral education while very young so that they do not form negative habits first that will have to be overcome. The sooner their obedience conditioning starts, the better the results will be.

For anyone who has a limited amount of space, travels a lot or stays in a recreational vehicle, or who has allergies, Cavachons may be the perfect choice. They build wonderful connections with the elderly, children, and other pets. This small breed is sure to provide their families with endless loyalty, much comfort and companionship, and plenty of love.

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