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Tips For Buying Healthy Anatolian Shepherd Puppies For Sale

By Thomas Campbell

The Anatolian Shepherd is a wonderful breed possessing an instinctive need to guard its surrounds and herding animals against predators. The natural instinct requires careful guidance from firm owners of these dogs are introduced into a home environment including continuous socialization. Anatolian Shepherd puppies for sale sought from reliable and certified breeders can deliver quality litters.

The distinctive breed is naturally a guard dog developed to remain with its herd for protection against predators. It has a strong protective instinct that can quickly become overwhelming in a family environment and must be properly managed from a young age to prevent aggression and other bad behaviors. Owners are encouraged to deliver a structured routine and ensure that all canines are kept active to minimize an extreme need to guard inside the home.

Commonly referred to as gentle giants, Anatolian Shepherds bred according to the right temperament and form are mild in nature and will strongly protect its owners. It is not recommended for families with young children because these dogs can prove rambunctious as puppies. They grow into a very large size requiring a highly nutritious diet, exercise and large setting not suitable for an apartment lifestyle.

The coat is thick during the winter with considerable shedding in preparation for the spring and summer. To manage the shed and support a healthy skin condition, grooming includes brushing the coat gently to remove finer matting or dirt. If you do not wish to deal with large clumps of hair, provide canines with a healthy brush and eliminate the excess shedding.

This breed is not an ideal family pet owing to the protective guarding nature, but can provide endless enjoyment with work and dedication. Providing training and firm leadership are important aspects of ownership including the introduction of activities allowing the shepherd to apply its natural instincts. Work with trainers who are familiar with the breed and can advise on appropriate care.

Bringing a new puppy into your home is exciting, but these energetic pets can soon take over the house if you are not firm with their behaviors. Implementing rules to prevent pets from landing on the furniture if you do not wish to have a large dog destroying these features. Providing a pup with structure through play and healthy training activities can help these smart dogs learn about their place in the home.

Call on breeders who are reputable and registered to provide healthy puppies for the home environment according to the appropriate health requirements. A certified seller who is interested in maintaining canine bloodlines and well-being can encourage pet health and assist in finding the right pups. Avoid the purchase of puppies that have not included any type of registration or the necessary health guarantee.

To become the proud owner of Anatolians requires a clear assessment of the breed and consultation with the right breeder. Research into the pros and cons of ownership can help you determine whether these canines are suitable for your lifestyle and whether you are equipped to provide for its care. Only purchase puppies from certified breeders who are knowledgeable and invest in the well-being of pups.

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