Friday, April 7, 2017

Top Tips For Choosing A Pet Salon San Antonio

By Joseph Martin

Having a pet and taking care of them properly can go far beyond simply feeding and exercising them. If you have a dog or cat that has very long hair, you may need to look into having them groomed professionally. The right pet salon San Antonio will be able to do this for your companion and leave them looking beautiful while making the process as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Here are some tips that you can use to choose a reputable salon to groom your pet for you.

While a beautiful, thick coat can look beautiful, it often means that there is a lot of work involved. Some breeds of dogs and cats will need a lot of brushing. Cutting or clipping their hair is also needed in many cases to keep the coat looking its best. If mats begin to develop they can often become quite tight to the skin especially if the fur gets wet for whatever reason. In time, these mats can leave sores as the skin may not be able to breathe or dry out properly.

You may think all dog fur is created equal but this is not the case. Some can be very long and thick. There are canine coats that are very coarse and which need special care. Other coats may actually have two levels. This was bred into them to provide extra protection if the dog were to go into cold water or be out in bad weather. Knowing the difference is important as double coated dogs often don't do well if they get shaved down.

Many people love the whimsical look of certain breed-specific hair styles. Poodles, for example, are often styled with short backs and legs. Longer fur is left on their legs, tails, heads and ears. Schnauzers are another breed that has a breed-specific hairstyle. If you have a dog that has a style that is specific to that breed you may want to make sure that a groomer is able to replicate it properly.

Salons will often not be able to accommodate large or giant canine breeds. Asking what the size or weight limit is at a salon will help you narrow down your options as well. Large dogs will usually cost more even if they are simply being shaved down. This is because bathing and drying them is often much more time consuming than it would be with a smaller breed.

If you have a cat, you may still need to get them groomed from time to time. Cats with long fur such as Himalayan cats and Persian cats will often benefit from a good brushing to get rid of knots or matted fur. If there are too many mats you may need to have them shaved down. Asking a salon if they have experience working with felines may help you choose the one that is best suited for your pet's needs.

You may wonder how a salon will come up with its pricing structure. The cost often depends on how long the pup will take to groom and whether it can be done with clippers or whether it must be hand scissored which is quite labor-intensive.

Finding names of salons to check out is not hard. You can inquire in pet stores or look online. Never be afraid to visit a salon and check it out. Look for clean facilities and tables that are strong enough and stable enough to hold your pet securely.

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