Monday, April 17, 2017

What To Consider When Looking For Pet Sitting Kirkland

By Frances Cooper

Although we would all love to take our pets with us wherever we go there are times when that is not possible. Business trips, vacations and other events may take place where your dog cannot come. If you have other types of pets such as cats or exotic animals, moving them from one place to another may not be good for their health. In this case, finding someone who can provide pet sitting Kirkland is very important. Here are some tips to finding a reputable pet sitter.

It can be much harder to find a person you trust with your pets if you start your search at the last minute. Some times during the year tend to be busier for sitters. Major holidays and common vacation times tend to mean that there will be a higher demand for these services. Knowing who you want to look after your fur babies as well as some alternate caretakers can ensure you are not stuck if you do have to leave your pets.

There are many places in Kirkland WA that provide these services. Knowing what kind of pet sitter you are looking for is important as it can help you narrow down your search. Do you like the idea of putting your pet in a kennel setting? Do you prefer that they are cared for in a more home-like environment that does not involve them being in a crate? Knowing this basic preference will help you find the right facility for your pet.

If you have a cat or a dog, finding a pet sitter may be much easier. Some people will not have the skills or the experience to look after exotic animals. If you have animals such as rodents, fish, birds or reptiles, you may need to look for someone who will come into your home rather than a more traditional boarding facility.

Medical issues can sometimes make it difficult to find a sitter for your pets. Some animals need medications or testing done throughout the day. If this is the case for your pet you will need to find someone with medical training or who has experience administering medication or giving injections.

Many pets are happiest in their own homes. If you think this is the case with your pet, make sure to look for a service that will offer you this style of care. If you have cats or exotics, you might want to choose someone who will come in once or twice a day. If you have dogs, you might want to find someone who will stay at your home overnight or even 24/7.

There are many places to find potential caretakers for your pets. Your veterinarian may be able to provide you with names of people they trust. You can also look online as well or speak to other pet owners about their preferred caregivers.

Meeting a sitter before you entrust your pet to them is important. You need to ask about how much they charge as well as any extra fees. Do they know how they would handle a medical emergency? How would they handle other situations? Knowing as much about the care your pet will receive can help reduce your worry while you are away.

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