Friday, May 26, 2017

Exotic Shorthair Kittens Are One Of The Most Popular Breeds For Good Reasons

By Henry Young

People who love cats often prefer them for some of the same reasons dog lovers hate them. They cite their felines fierce independence, self-sufficiency, and low maintenance. There are people who love longhair cats and don't mind the constant grooming and brushing that goes along with owning them. Others prefer short haired animals that tend to shed less and require less grooming. Persians are the most popular cat around, but many are put off by their shaggy coats. Exotic shorthair kittens combine the best of Persians with shorter coats.

Exotics, as they are known, are the result of various pairings of Russian Blues, Burmese, American Shorthairs, and Persians. The final result, which seems to have been fairly accidental, is a cat that looks just like a Persian, but has short hair. The Cat Fancier's Association accepts them as a genuine breed.

Exotics do not vocalize much, but they tend to be playful, gentle, and friendly. The felines enjoy batting toys and the company of their owners. They do not require constant attention however. Exotics are content to spend time napping and eating when they are left alone. These are good pets for families with multiple animals, as long as those animals are not aggressive. Exotics also tolerate children quite well.

A number of the physical problems that can plague this breed are a result of the flat facial composition they possess. Breathing issues, jaw misalignment, and tearing eyes are not uncommon. They are also vulnerable to ringworm, kidney disease, and skin inflammations.

Although their fur is much shorter than the Persians, these cats need regular brushing and combing to keep their coats healthy. A monthly bath is a good idea and regular teeth brushing is necessary to avoid gum disease. If cats get used to having their teeth brushed at an early age, it is not difficult to make this a regular part of their routine. Exotics normally do not do very well as outside cats. They are not particularly adept at defending themselves and should be kept inside at all times, especially if they have been declawed.

Most people who see these cats for the first time are struck by their roundness. They have large, round and full faces atop round, sturdy bodies. Their legs are stocky and short. Some breeders specialize in breeding show cats that are an extreme variation of the traditional Shorthairs. Their faces are very flat, which can make breathing comfortably problematic.

The color of the Exotic's coat determines eye color. White Exotics have bright blue or copper eyes. Some have an eye of each color. Those with coats of other colors have copper eyes only.

Exotics are a great option for lovers of the Persian breed, but without the tolerance for the shedding and maintenance that goes along with the long haired felines. Finding a responsible and recognized breeder is important. Kitten mills are not place to purchase any kind of cat.

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