Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Getting And Caring For Exotic Shorthair Kittens

By Andrew Brown

You may have hobbies which you indulge in after work, but sometimes even these may not occupy your time. To avoid getting bored and lonely, you can get pet exotic shorthair kittens. These felines will occupy themselves during the day, and you will have something to fuss over when you get home. Young animals are delicate, and therefore, you need to know as much as possible about their care, before you buy or adopt one.

You can get a kitten from numerous sources, but animal lovers and activists do not recommend some of these places. Unless you know the owner of your local pet store extremely well, it is better to adopt a pet from a rescue center. These shelters are extremely crowded, especially between May and October, and if you are meticulous, you will get the feline breed you want.

Every feline has the distinct traits that make it easy to identify, and this also applies to crossbreed. With exotic short hairs, you should see a chubby cat with short but thick fur. Typically, it should resemble both parent breeds. In case one is scared of ending up with a kitten of a different breed, apart from just doing research, he or she should consult with an expert.

Once you get the kitten take it to a vet. This person will examine it to see whether it is in good health and in case there are shots to be administered they will do this. Every breed of animals has a particular set of ailments associated with them. With exotic shorthairs, you will most likely have problems with their eyes and nose and conditions related to their bones.

Unless you are taking an orphaned pet, it is not wise to separate a very young cat from its mother. This will simply be cruel, and you will have to do a lot more to ensure that it grows healthily. This is another reason why it is not advisable to get your pets from pet stores or breeders. Most of these people will not consider the well-being of the kitten.

Getting a kitten should be taken seriously, and you will, therefore, need to go shopping. Feeding bowls and chew toys will be part of the list along with pet food. Ensure that the food is appropriate for the little animals and stay away from toys with small movable parts. Additionally, you might have to rearrange your house moving most things to higher shelves.

Cats can clean themselves, but when they are young, you will need to step in. Their regular grooming will involve cleaning them to ensure they do not have fleas of ticks as well as brushing them, to prevent them from shedding all over your furniture. Start washing your cat from an early age to ease them into the routine. Avoid using heavily scented soaps for this.

The nature of these felines makes them great companions. They will not demand attention and due to their thick fur will not keep getting into your bed. Additionally, they are very calm yet playful making them ideal pets for people of all ages and temperaments. These felines may not have long fur but they have thick coats and therefore may not be appropriate for people with allergies.

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