Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tips Buying Egyptian Mau Kitten For Sale

By Jerry Murphy

The most exotic of all felines, the Egyptian Mau is an attractive feline that is different from other cats from its looks to personality. These are highly energetic cats with a high prey drive and should be provided the proper care and attention. If you are looking for an Egyptian Mau kitten for sale, only contact a registered breeder who is recognized by the relevant cat associations.

A look at the origin of the breed dates back to the 1960s where Egyptian Maus had received registration by the Cat Fanciers Club. It was only in the 1980s that the breed truly began to emerge and spread across the globe as a standard breed of cat. Most people look for these felines owing to their attractive coat colors and beautiful personalities, however they do have a high level of energy and must remain well cared for.

If you have decided that this is the cat for your home, learn about its care requirements and find the right breeder. A thorough evaluation of feline play, grooming and diet can help decide whether you are equipped to address all their needs. Implementing an investigation into a certified seller who is recognized by major cat associations and clubs can help you find a pedigree and healthy pet.

Maus have remained adorable and exotic felines that will fail to behave in a suitable manner if they are not given the ideal attention and care. A kitten that is left unoccupied for extended periods will become anxious and highly mischievous. Implementing these processes can help minimize anxiety and help encourage a more confident personality in your pets.

Maus have a high prey drive and can play for hours requiring some form of stimulation during play. Incorporating toys and getting rid of their energy through play can help control their excitement and should include a significant amount of outdoor time. These cats enjoy water and should be provided access to a small pool or pond to encourage activity.

Keeping the coat healthy can avoid many problems associated with these felines including routine grooms to remove dead tissue and excess hair. Shedding is minimal and a healthy diet will keep both the coat and teeth in the best condition where illness can become apparent. When incorporating these plans you can provide the best standard of care for your beautiful kittens.

Obtaining the proper health guarantee from a certified breeder will help avoid the purchase of sickly pets. It is important to avoid buying cats from breeders who are not prepared to invest in pedigree and the pure bloodlines of their litters. Ensure that the seller you are interested in buying from is experienced and registered with the major feline associations.

The Egyptian Mau has been considered a striking feline that is highly energetic and bold in personality. These cats can play for hours everyday and should be given the correct standards of attention. Implementing the proper research and owning a healthy and happy kitten will assist in raising strong pets.

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