Monday, June 19, 2017

Before You Buy TICA Registered Siberian Cats

By Catherine Allen

Purely bred Siberian cats and kittens obtained from licensed breeders will adhere to strict practices when managing the practices. The purpose of certification is to ensure that the highest levels of breeding occur including the proper genetic practices and the option to maintain a healthy bloodline with the best feline characteristics. TICA registered Siberian cats possess the health, energy and beautiful features that all admirers know and love.

TICA registered means certified by The International Cat Association where all breeding of felines is regulated and must meet a professional standard. Purebred cats are generally healthy and possess all the favorable traits and physical features familiar of this breed. Sellers who are associated with this club will regulate the practices according to ethical standards and the utmost care.

Kittens must adhere to the healthiest standards including a gentle temperament and the practices that must be applied to ensure that kittens and cats have the soft long fur and beautiful personality that most are familiar with. When buying from breeders that do not possess the registration, kittens could have compromised breed standards. These kittens may not look like Siberians nor possess the desired personality.

It is important that the breed standard is not compromised with a failure to investigate the health and well-being of pets. When a breed is TICA registered, all litters receive the appropriate veterinary care and support to ensure they are healthy and well socialized. These steps will help raise healthy and balanced kittens to introduce to the home and protect against behavioral issues.

All cats must receive the appropriate veterinary care before being released to their new homes. The vet checks aim to identify any physical abnormalities or ailments and prevent these kittens from being sold to unsuspecting buyers. Your Siberian kitten must be wormed, vaccinated and have received clearance by a vet before being purchased and taken from the breeder.

Kittens need to be at least 10 weeks old before they can leave the litter and prove healthy enough to adjust into the new environment. Pets that are very young will not be socially healthy or balanced to join the new home and compromised behaviors will result. In consultation with an experienced seller, all well bred kittens can be sought with the utmost care including beautiful patterns and coat colors.

Registration with TICA provides certification that your felines are well cared for and meet with a high standard of health. It is important to prevent supporting backyard breeders and to ensure that the health and well-being of kittens are best managed. The registered and experienced breeder will ensure that only the healthiest kittens are sold and meet with the appropriate breeding standards.

You can find TICA registered Siberian kittens online from the reputable website of the seller detailing available litters, costs, and shipping details. Always ensure your breeder is registered with the cat associations and invests in only the best standards of care for kittens. Following these steps and implementing research into the sellers and breeders will help find healthy and well bred felines.

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