Sunday, June 11, 2017

Black And Brown Royal Standard Poodles

By Ann Butler

Poodles are well-known and appreciated for a very long time, and many of them spent their lives in European castles and similar places. Beautiful, noble and full of grace, these dogs are admired all over the world. But, they aren't only good looking, they are also really intelligent and trainable. Black and brown Royal Standard Poodles are especially popular.

Although poodles come in all solid colors, including blue, white, red, cream and silver, some colors are regularly more popular than others. You can even find so called parti-colored combinations, for example partly white, partly black. These combinations look especially interesting, but are not accepted on shows, at least not yet. But they look quite nice.

These medium to large dogs have really nice, dark eyes and characteristic flat, long ears, very well proportioned bodies and small paws. Their coats are thick and non-shedding, and this makes them simply perfect for people who are allergy sufferers, because they do not cause allergies. Considering the fact they have to stay in house, this certainly is something that is good to know.

There are different types of clipping. Show dog are mainly clipped using English saddle clip or Continental clip, although there are several variations of these particular clippings. Other popular clippings are, for example, so called lamb clip, or puppy clip. In any case, their coats are curly or corded, and quite thick, and do require extensive grooming.

Poodles have really good character, they are very clever and it is quite easy to train them. They do not require too much exercise, just a simple day walk, but it has to be regular. They might suffer from separation anxiety, and if they do not get to walk every day, there might be some unwanted behavior changes. In any case, a little regular walk will be good for both dogs and their owners.

If you take a good care of your pet, you may expect him to live 15 years, or even longer. Every old breed have different health issues, unfortunately. These dogs may have problems with their eyes, ears, hips or skin. Your vet will take care of ear wax and hairs, but some things such as cataract or running eyes may still happen.

Poodles also need regular baths. Their skin is quite delicate, so you have to use a good quality shampoo, preferably really mild. Another thing that is important is their food. Good quality food is a must, but you should not feed your pet only once a day, it is much better to divide his food into two or three meals, to improve their sensitive digestion.

There are several good reasons for choosing the poodle for your pet. This dog lives longer, behaves better and is more intelligent than most other dog breeds. In fact, this is one of the most trainable breeds, and it is also really calm and friendly, excellent with children and friendly to other animals. Gentle and noble, this dog will be a really good friend for you and your family members in years to come.

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