Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Termite Problems Resolved With Pest Control Westboro MA

By Emilia Kibbe

Termites live in underground colonies, making their way through cracks in the foundation and gaining access to your home, where they can wreak considerable havoc. Fortunately, there's a proven remedy available to combat termite infestations. Safe and effective, Termidor is a professionally-applied product that targets subterranean termites to prevent invasions or stop their course if they've already occurred. A Westboro MA termite extermination service helps homeowners recognize when Termidor application is in order.

In the warmth of spring and the early summer, swarms of these destructive creatures exit their subterranean lairs. At the point where they come through the foundation, they often appear as a cloud made of insects. The invasion often goes unnoticed at first because they happen extremely fast. The termites discard their wings before entering the structure, which is an alert to homeowners. To verify that they are actually termites, it is recommended that customers collect some of the bugs or their debris for professional assessment.

Because they have the ability to survive and thrive inside the walls of a structure for years without being detected, termites are called "silent invaders". Their discovery most often comes during renovations, remodeling, or construction projects. They can do major damage.

To get to the nearest food source, termites build mud tunnels along interior or exterior walls. About the size of the width of a pencil, these tiny passageways allow termites access to the wood in and around your home. A Westboro MA termite extermination service can help homeowners identify termite damage.

Homeowners who find hollowed out wood near their home may benefit from the application of Termidor. Self inspection can be conducted simply by tapping wooden structures to see if a hollow sound is produced.

Inspections during the home buying/selling process may discover signs of insect activity. This will not automatically mean there is a serious issue. Even if termites are found, measures can be taken to contain the situation and prevent further damage.

A Westboro MA termite extermination service recommends regular application of Termidor to provide ongoing protection from these destructive pests.

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