Friday, June 16, 2017

TICA Registered Siberian Kitten Buying Guide

By Christine Stone

With the licensing and health of a TICA registered kitten, buyers can rest assured that the best selections are made. When buying a TICA registered Siberian kitten, ensure that the breeder is certified and will provide the greatest quality care options for the well-being of pets. Implementing the correct procedure can protect against making poor buying decisions and help find the healthiest Siberians.

In the search for your Siberian kitten, you must know what to look for in a healthy and properly bred pet. Siberian cats are developed to withstand below freezing temperatures and including a light, long and thick coat to prevent the cold from affecting their function. These cats are identified by their large size, blue eyes and extremely friendly temperament making it a favorable choice for the home.

TICA represents The International Cat Association where feline breeding standards and practices must adhere to regulations as set by the authority. It aims to maintain the high standard and purity of feline bloodlines controlling the breeding of pets and the measures that will compromise the health of cats. With the many unscrupulous breeders out there, maintaining a standard for the practice becomes imperative.

The objective for a breeder is to carefully select its breeding pairs to enhance the bloodline of a feline. This includes the strongest physical forms and gentle natures to continue to better a breed and invest in the techniques to develop healthy and beautiful Siberian cats. Following the procedure is a costly and time consuming one, but is completed to help improve the line.

In the search for a beautiful Siberian kitten, it is best to look for breeders who are registered and invested in the pedigree of Siberians. The TICA certified seller will apply the correct procedure and help choose parents of sound physical stature and personality to produce kittens. It is important not to support breeders who produce litters with every season that would influence the health of these kittens and the parents.

Certified kittens will involve a complete vet examination and the proper licensure, but should have vaccinations and worming completed at the appropriate ages. These processes will best protect the immune system and help reduce exposure to contracting life threatening diseases. You do not wish to purchase a kitten that is constantly sick and causing exorbitant vet expenses.

Once you are prepared to own a beautiful Siberian kitten, your breeder may have a waiting list where registration is required. Be sure to learn about the terms and conditions including deposits and whether you will receive the cat or kitten of choice. Read reviews about the seller before depositing any money and ensure that TICA certification is updated to prevent making the wrong choice.

In the search for the healthiest Siberians, be sure to call on breeders who are experienced and certified and prepared to raise kittens in a sound environment. Implementing the best options and assessing the well-being of kittens can help make the right decisions when introducing pets into the home. Investing in a TICA breeder will help select healthy and well socialized kittens that will develop into beautiful Siberian cats.

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