Friday, July 28, 2017

Before You Respond To That Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale OH Sign

By Donna Ellis

As you are reading this article you may be thinking that it is about time that you should get a pet. In fact in you search for a new pet in Ohio you may have come across a shih tzu puppies for sale OH sign. Before you do take the plunge, it may be good idea for you to read on in this article for a bit of information that should be able to assist you in your decision.

A shih tzu is a small dog classified as a toy breed and will weigh around ten to 19 pounds when fully grown. It is also called the Chrysanthemum Dog and believed to have originated in Tiber and later on was brought to China, where many believe it is from. Males reach a length of around 11 inches while females reach around 8 to 9 inches when fully grown.

Having a short muzzle and dark large eyes, this dog can either have long and fine fur or be one with a coarse and wavy one. Dogs with the former are recommended to have princess type hairstyles while those with the latter type of fur goes well with teddy bear haircut styles. Both kinds of fur do require daily brushing and maintenance as they are prone to tangling and matting.

When you fully shave off the fur off a shih tzu you will notice that it looks like it is nothing more than a pug with a lot of hair. To give one an idea of what it really looks like, this dog was used as a face model for the Ewok characters in the Star Wars series. That's why they can look cute being dressed up as Ewoks also.

Loyal, affectionate and very friendly is what one can label the temperament of this dog breed. When they sense something is off or a bit amiss, they will become protective and bark a lot. Strangers and other animals should have no issues with them for they can get along with them eventually given time. However, with excessive teasing and such, they will fight back.

When it comes to health it is a fairly resilient dog, and most conditions will only come out later in its life. Skin problems will usually come out early especially if there are poor grooming habits present. Eye problems will also set in as it goes on in age alongside reverse sneezing complications, . It is also important to keep an eye on its diet to make sure it is balance and healthy.

Prices for this dog can range from free to several hundred dollars as they are pretty much ubiquitous. But on average the price really depends on where you live, its availability and of course if it has any champion blood or not.

The foregoing article thus has shown some things you should consider before getting this breed. Always leave no stone unturned when taking on a new pet as it takes a lot or responsibility to be an owner.

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