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Facts About North Carolina Ragdoll Kittens

By Harold Fisher

Ragdoll cat is a type of cat breed characterised by its unique colour point coat and blue eyes. It has a big physical body as compared to other ordinary cat breeds and has fur, which is medium size. Ragdolls like any other cat will demand a lot of attention as far as good grooming is concerned. This may involve among other things brushing its fur. What to know about North Carolina ragdoll kittens and cats.

When selecting for breeding, a Ragdoll cat usually limps and relaxes . This is why the cat is known as a ragdoll. A ragdoll cat developed when an American by the name Ann Baker decided to cross different breeds. This was done in the late 1960s. This therefore brought about the ragdoll cat.

The cat is known for its placid temperament and docility. Another trait that makes the cat likeable is docility. The cat does not fight with its owner making it easy for the pet to be controlled in the home. Cats that are aggressive are a cause of headache to the owner and many a times they may cause one to think of how best to eradicate the them other than concentrating in building a firm relationship .

The huge size of the ragdoll cat makes it to be famous worldwide and mostly in the United Kingdom and also in America. A dog like cat or a puppy like cat is a nickname given to these cats especially in the United Kingdom and in A America. It has a body that resembles that of a dog and the height is like that of a puppy. It has a habit of following people around just as a dog does. This effort makes it be supported by its nickname.

The lifetime of ragdoll is long between ten and twelve years. The weight is about 20 pounds but it can vary depending on factors like the health and diet of the cat at any given time. The ragdoll however, unlike other cat breeds are capable of co-existing with a dog and living in harmony. It loves the company of children and anyone who is playful in nature.

Ragdoll cats have behaviours of loving the company of people and can sleep on bed with the owner at night. They also greet owners when they come home in the evening. They also like hanging around dinner tables just like other ordinary cats. They try to enjoy the good meals on the table. They also react on meals that they do not love, and behave uncheerful.

Ragdolls should be given a close watch during breeding, as they are capable of transferring unwanted traits into the next generation. These traits include disease, which may make the new generation to suffer to death. It is believed that the kitten can inherit traits as aggressiveness just like dogs do and care should be taken to eliminate such cats from the breeding stock.

The lifespan of a cat will increase only if the ragdoll cat will be treated in order to relieve stress in the animal. Chances of the cat getting sick can be increased whenever they are attacked by parasites. It is vital for an individual to ensure that it does not suffer from diseases.

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