Thursday, August 3, 2017

Before Buying Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale OH

By Joyce Turner

You may be perusing the internet now and reading as you are in the market for a new pet dog. As you were searching the classifieds you may have come across a Shih Tzu puppies for sale OH sign and are thinking of getting one. Prior to you making the final decision and commitment, do take the time to finish off this article and get the information you need.

In terms of price, the price for this breed can be anywhere from free to a few hundred dollars or more. Free in the sense that many dog lovers out there will want to give away their puppies to loving owners is than make a profit. This is because this breed is more widespread than most due to its popularity. Expect to pay a heftier sum if it has champion parents.

Affectionate and loyal are two distinctive traits for this breed, and they can become quite protective of their masters and owners despite their size. They will definitely bark and get quite noisy if they sense something amiss. However, they generally get well along with other animals and other people, but can be easily provoked to fight back it is teased a lot or its possessions trifled with.

Physically the breed is a small dog and is classified under the toy breed class. When it does reach full maturity it will weigh around ten to nineteen pounds. In terms of length the males will reach around eleven inches and females around eight to nine inches. It was believed that it originated from Tibet and was later on dispersed widely in China, and many call it the Chrysanthemum Dog.

The dog has large eyes and a short muzzle. In addition to this the dog also has either one of two types of coats, being coarse and wavy or long and fine. If you happen to get the former coated dog, then it is best that you choose a shorter hair style, preferably a teddy bear cut which looks really good on it. IF you happen to get one with the longer and finer coat, then go with a princess type of haircut.

If perchance you should be in the position to completely shave off the fur, sometimes done when it has contracted a skin condition, then you will notice that it really just looks like a pug. In essence the cute puglike appearance of its face has actually been the model for the creatures called Ewoks in the Star Wars universe. Many dress this breed up as Ewoks on occasion for fun or even for Halloween.

In terms of health, the dog I quite resilient and hardy, but it must be looked after to prevent skin conditions which it is prone to. As it does age however, it will develop eye problems and be afflicted with reverse sneezing conditions, particularly during night time. It is quite gluttonous so you have to limit its food intake and make sure that it always gets proper nutrition.

In sum what has been covered are some items important in you knowing about this breed. There are of course other items you can research further, but always keep in mind that it takes a lot of responsibility in keeping a pet of any sort so you should do your level best in finding more about it before you do make a commitment.

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