Thursday, August 10, 2017

Effective Telepathic Animal Communication Skills

By Kenneth Jackson

Whether one will believe it or not, animals actually have the ability to speak or communicate with humans in a certain way. In a way, animals like cats or dogs can communicate with humans on a rather telepathic level. This is also known as telepathic animal communication.

Now before going to the techniques, it is very important to first know about this type of communication. Firstly, it is a very natural and normal form of communicating and is actually innate in humankind which kind of disappears as one grows up. However, there are a few exercises that can somehow bring this ability back and allow one to be able to gain this skill with animals.

Now that some of the important things were mentioned, the next thing to do is to go to the first exercise. Start off by bringing a pet into a quiet room where there is minimal noise so that there can be total focus. Focus on the pet and visualize each detail of the pet while slowly breathing deep and concentrating carefully.

While this is happening, pay attention to what the animal is doing and how it is reacting. If possible, get out a journal and record all of the possible observations that were made while doing this. Some of the things to take note of would be the behavior, the look the pet is giving, and the body language as this will already give an indication as to what the pet is feeling.

Now, the next thing to do would be to get to doing the second exercise. This would be giving the pet a short greeting like a good morning or a good afternoon. If one observes any changes in the body language, then that could be a sign of an answer. The most important thing to do is not to listen to what animals say but to feel them.

The last exercise would be to ask a question to the pet as if it were an actual person. Though this may sound a little bit ridiculous at first, it is actually possible for one to get an answer if he or she communicates effectively. Once again, it is usually a feeling or a simple small voice that no one else can be able to hear or feel.

Now, this exercise is a little bit tricky because one has to be very sensitive to the movements and vibrations of the pet. One will have to watch out for the literal vibrations of the pet as well as the behavior. If the pet is actually talking, like meowing or barking, then one has to feel what it is trying to say.

After doing all of these exercises, now one must practice doing them from time to time. This ability is developed but there are some people who naturally can do it without much ease. Usually, the people who have a strong intuition or a natural affinity with animals can perform this easily but for those who do not, then a lot of practice would need to be done in order to gain the skill.

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