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Tips For Making Hay Bales For Sale In Connecticut

By Susan Richardson

This is a lesson worth learning by all farmers aspiring to make the best forages to take to the market. Once you have learned these tips, making Hay Bales for sale in Connecticut becomes a very easy thing to do. Just make sure that you follow the tips without skipping anything, and you will be good to go.

There is always that specific time when the forage is supposed to be cut. This is one of the many things which many farmers fail to observe. By the time that at least ten percent of the crop has flowered, this is the best time to trim the forage. This is normally the perfect time since the crop has the highest concentration of nutrients needed by the animals to thrive. When you do it before the crops flower, they will not have enough nutrients, and so, you shall have wasted them.

Cutting is the next thing which most people fail to do properly, and so they end up damaging the crops. Once there is a mistake done, the crop is destroyed and will not be able to regenerate. Always do the cutting with a sharp mower, just above the crown of the crop. This will give it the ability to thrive again and produce more flowers in future.

A conditioning gadget is used to condition the forage. In order to make it easier for livestock to digest the nutrients, they are squished out of the forage. Conditioning is a must process since it is the only way to make sure that the livestock can be able to extract the nutrients and utilize in their body so that they can thrive.

After the hay is cut into smaller pieces, there is the need to dry it up. Make sure that you place them under a certain condition to enhance this process. Preferably the condition should be of low humidity and a high temperature from the sun. The drying of the forage will even make the concentration of the nutrients a little bit higher by reducing the moisture content.

Do the raking so that you do not have the bale blowing everywhere in the paddock. When you do raking, chances are that you will be able to keep the hay in a very good condition which would attract many buyers. Make sure that you place the bales in huge rows which are known as the windrows, and you will be able to prevent the wind from blowing it everywhere.

Bailing is the next step which is equally crucial in the making of forage. When a farmer wants to maintain certain moisture content in the forage, then bailing is the way to go. The moisture must be sufficient to ensure that the bale is compact and not very dry. Hence, there is a way in which it must be done since very dry forage are not very good for livestock.

Store the final product safely as it awaits the consumption by cows. When you do all the steps illustrated in this article, you would be sure to make a high-quality hay, and many farmers would prefer buying from you. Make sure that you market your products sell so that you can get many clients.

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