Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Detailed Piece On Canine Opiod Overdose

By Thomas Jones

There are various medications that are normally made from opium. This includes both street drugs as well as prescription drugs. However, these drugs can have a bad impact on your pet if consumed in large amounts. They can cause a breathing problem to the pet leading to reduced heart rate as well as slow breathing. When you notice such a situation, it is important to ensure you contact the veterinarian immediately as this can be the cause of canine opiod overdose.

Such medications are usually taken to relieve pain in both people together with animals. The veterinarian usually uses it to relieve pain and also to sedate canines during an operation. A majority of these experts usually avoid prescribing such drugs since even the smallest amounts of such medication may cause a lot of harm to a pet because of the effects they have on the nervous system. The mongrel can stop breathing the minute the pet ingests the drug.

The commons signs that you can look out for when it comes to such overdose include, abnormal behavior, dilated pupils, losing an appetite, seizures together with drooling. When you notice that has such signs, then it is prudent that you contact an expert with immediate effect. The professional will assist you to make sure the appropriate techniques are outlined to help curb the problem.

The veterinarian will begin by performing a complete physical analysis on the dog. This includes eye, nose and ear tests. Body temperatures will also be taken to ascertain that the pert has a normal temperature. You should also be prepared with a complete medical history pertaining your canine. This will help the expert to understand the cause of the problem quickly and administer the right treatment.

The expert will also conduct other tests like a complete blood count. This will enable him or her to measure the white, platelets as well as red cells. He or she will also conduct an x-ray so that he or she may determine the type of injuries the dog may have sustained due to the overdose. All these things will ensure that the expert creates a nice report regarding the extent of the harm.

The treatment to be administered will depend on the amount of dosage the dog has consumed. If the pet happens to have a respiratory arrest, then the veterinarian will apply a nasal cannula on the nose of your pet. This undertaking will ensure that your mongrel has enough supply of air. After this is all done, the expert will give your mongrel some drugs that will treat other symptoms.

After the pup is released the professional will prescribe an anti-anxiety medication for some days. This will ensure the puppy relaxes as resting is important for the healing process of the dog. You should ensure you abide by the rules of a veterinarian so that your canine can heal properly.

It is important to be keen and consider the drugs you wish to give your pet. You have to make sure you are dealing with legitimate drugs that have been prescribed by a professional veterinarian. This will help you keep the pet safe.

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