Monday, October 30, 2017

Blue French Bulldog Puppies Are In Demand

By Edward Williams

The blue French bulldog has one thing that makes it different - the color of its skin. It has a blue hue due to its genetic makeup. Otherwise it looks much like all other bulldogs. However, it is not allowed to participate in shows and is not recognized by breeder associations because it does not have the required white, fawn, brindle and a mixture of brindle and white color palette. The blue color eliminates it from consideration. A widespread belief is that Blue French Bulldog puppies have alopecia, a condition that causes the discoloration.

These dogs have a warm, friendly temperament and thrive on oodles of attention. They have a masculine looking build, like all bulldogs, but this belies the fact their neediness, and cuteness means they are not suitable as guard dogs. Their cuteness, however, makes many people give them the attention they are always seeking.

This breed is particularly vulnerable to allergies, especially skin allergies. They will often get rashes and puffy eyes. They can also be allergic to certain foods and do better on a diet with fewer, ingredients that are organic. Their curved, short spines are also subject to injuries and jumping off couches may be enough to make a visit to the vet necessary.

Immaculate cleanliness of these creatures is another factor which makes owners drawn to them. They hate being dirty and this means that they probably do not need to be bathed nearly as much as some other breeds. The shape of their faces is flat and although this gives them their cute appearance, it also means that they cannot breathe easily. Owners may have to put up with quite a bit of snorting and some loud breathing.

The puppies are actually English in origin, coming from a small area in England called Nottingham. They became very popular in the 1800s when they were well-loved as lapdogs. They were particularly popular with lace-makers.

One of the things which makes this breed so beloved as pets is because of their affectionate natures and the fact that they are quite happy doing nothing. They love to lie on the laps of their owners and they can do this all day without becoming overweight or unhealthy. A short walk every day is all that they require in the form of activity.

The fact that they do not have thick coats means that they become cold very quickly and this may be one reason why they prefer staying inside. They love the warmth of snuggling in a blanket or lying close to a human being and drawing from their warmth. Many owners dress them up warmly in a jacket, especially when they take them outdoors.

Some other breeds of dogs love swimming but these dogs have a dislike of water. This is probably because they have such short legs, making it hard to swim. Owners with a pool or who live near bodies of water need to remember this. It is not that easy to find puppies because there are not that many breeders and this is why they may come at a high price.

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