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How To Choose English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies In Florida

By Jason Jones

Golden Retrievers remain a much loved canine breed often appearing in movies and television adverts, these dogs are a real family pet. Owing to their dependable and intelligent nature these dogs are also used in services or to assist individuals managing a disability. If you wish to own one of these pets, the following tips can help you choose the best English cream Golden Retriever puppies in Florida.

Owning a new puppy is certainly an exciting time, but knowing how to spot well-bred pets and understanding the importance of a pedigreed help protect you as the buyer, from making a poor purchase decision. English Cream Retrievers consist of a light shade of the familiar beige and Golden Retrievers producing a beautiful lush silvery color in the light. Buying your pets from a reputable and a registered breeder can provide well-bred pets.

To select puppies with the lightest cream coat colors, examine the ears and underbelly when viewing the litters. The shade of the hair in these areas depict the color the coat may turn as the pup gets older. This provides a good idea of the shade you can expect once fully grown and helps you avoid purchasing the coat colors that are less desirable.

English Cream Golden Retrievers are popular pooches, but differ from the regular Retriever in terms of the coat coloring. The light shade of hair is not commonly found among breeders, but consulting with registered sellers could help you wait to find the right puppy. The colors of this breed have no influence on health, genetics or the overall longevity of dogs.

Buying a puppy requires the correct choice of dog that is no younger than at least 8 weeks. Choosing puppies is an exciting time, but all pets should be at least 10 weeks old provided they are raised with their litter mates and the parents. Purchasing pups that are too young will risk poor behaviors, difficulty incorporating structure and increased risk of contracting infectious disease.

Always view the puppies from the seller before you make any deposits or guarantees on a future pet. Puppies must be clean, friendly, of sound build and have a fair amount of weight on their bodies to ensure you are buying well bred dogs raised in a conducive environment. Look at the breeding pair and emphasize seeing both parents whether on the property or an updated image of a parent to provide peace of mind they are healthy and purebred.

Carefully examine the personality of each puppy before making a purchase and learn how to spot manageable pets. Rambunctious pups that run up to you and jump on you or wrestle with your hands may prove too dominant and energetic for pet owners without the relevant experience in handling strong willed dogs. Puppies that approach with a mild curiosity and sniff your feet and hands without getting too excited are often the most manageable personalities.

If you are getting ready to buy an English Cream Golden Retriever, homework into the seller and the pedigree of the canines. Pups for sale with the lighter coat color must be healthy. With the right preparation, you can own a beautiful and purebred Golden Retriever puppy.

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