Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Rabbits & How East End Tick Control Services Benefit Them

By David Kellan

When discussing the most beloved pets in the world, rabbits tend to be overlooked. This shouldn't be the case, as these furry creatures can make welcome additions to various households, including those that have small children. Rabbits aren't unlike other pets, though, in the sense that they run the risk of carrying ticks with them. If you'd like to know how to protect your animal friend, here is some important organic tick control information to know.

According to companies such as Alternative Earthcare, rabbits are more likely to attract ticks when they live outdoors. What this means is that your pet isn't inside of the house very often, the likelihood of them bringing harmful hosts back inside is great. There are many types of ticks to be mindful of, ranging from the Lone Star to the American dog variety. Anyone that works in east end tick control will tell you the same.

If you'd like to know where tick bite marks are found the most, the ears are where you should look. This is the defining trait of a rabbit's appearance, but what seems to make them prone to ticks is their size. Simply put, if a pet owner has the idea to check for ticks, the ears might be the first place to look. Despite this, other body parts are susceptible, meaning that examining other body parts is recommended.

Rabbits can encounter tick-related problems, but this doesn't mean that pet owners are short on solutions. Make sure that you thoroughly inspect your pet once they're done playing outdoors. If you spot a tick on them - you may be able to find it easily due to how small rabbits are - don't try to remove it with your fingers. A tick should be fully removed, which is where a pair of tweezers comes into play. This is arguably the best tick removal tool you can find in your very own home.

Grooming is another aspect of home tick control to be aware of. A soft brush is a great tool for keeping your pet's fur strong, which goes without saying, but it's also worth noting that it can help you detect ticks that you might have overlooked otherwise. Many pet owners don't realize just how vital grooming is to a pet's quality of life. They'll be healthier and, if you plan on brushing your rabbit at home, it can provide time from bonding.

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