Friday, November 10, 2017

Rare And Extraordinary Safari Cats For Sale

By Gary Evans

Geoffroys cat is far relative of an Ocelot, and even looks as a smaller version of this wild animal. The cross breed of Geoffroys ct and the domestic cat was named the Safari cat. This extraordinary animal deserves your attention, thanks to numerous great characteristics. Safari cats for sale are extremely difficult to find, because they are really very rare. They look sort of wild, but they are really unbelievably affectionate and friendly.

When it comes to a size, these are probably among the largest domestic cats you can find males can get up to 25 pounds, and this is really impressive for a pet. Large and really beautiful, these lovely animals are extremely rare, thanks to the fact it is really difficult to breed them successfully. On the other hand, they are more than worth of that effort, because they really are wonderful.

Gentle and affectionate, playful and polite, these beautiful cats re something any cat lover would like to have. The price is, considering the uniqueness and appearance of these beautiful creatures, considerably higher than you would expect when it comes to a cat, still, the enormous interest for these beauties is getting higher every day.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the wide variety of extremely beautiful colors and patterns, from silver and grey to almost fully orange. Unusual markings make things even more interesting. Their bodies are really proportional and elegant, and they move with such incredible elegance that it is a real pleasure to watch them closely.

All cats need good quality food, but these cats require special type of food, the one that will fulfill their nutritional demands. Other than food, they need a place to sleep or rest, some interesting toys and a bowl of frequently changed fresh water. And they certainly need your love and attention. And, every once in a while, a place in your lap where they can be perfectly happy and satisfied.

Every pet should have a good vet for regular checkups, vaccination and so on. Safaris are healthy and strong, but they still need some level of attention, no genetic diseases were reported so far, but regular checkups will make sure you precious pet is perfectly healthy and satisfied. Some additional vitamins another supplements might be needed occasionally, and your vet will tell you more about this.

All cats, including Safari, can easily adapt to apartment living. If you have one really well secured yard, you may leave your pet to play there time after time, but under constant supervision. Other option is to take it for a walk, on a leash, of course, just as you would walk your dog. If your apartment is large enough for playing and climbing on different things, it might not be necessary.

Safaris require quite a lot of attention, and they won't appreciate being alone for longer periods of time. They enjoy sleeping in your lap, but would equally gladly climb on your furniture, trying to find a place from where everything what's going on can be safely observed. In any case, for people who appreciate rare and precious animals this might be the perfect choice for a pet.

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