Friday, June 15, 2018

Discover Why Pet Sitting Richmond VA Is Beneficial

By Raymond West

Although pet owners do not usually want to be away from the pets for extended periods, there are some commitments that make it necessary to leave a pet in the care of someone else. Examples include having to work long hours, leaving town and taking a vacation. In the past, pet owners had to leave their companion animals at a boarding kennel. This was one of the few options available for this kind of separation. Fortunately, there is an alternative for conventional kenneling these days, which is hiring a pet sitter. By opting for pet sitting Richmond VA residents will benefit in many ways.

Pet sitters are able to offer comfort that your animal companion cannot find in a boarding kennel. They will give your pet a chance to remain in a surrounding that is familiar, secure and safe. The pet will stay in its usual home and will therefore be surrounded by sights, sounds and smells that are familiar to it. A professional pet sitter will also make sure that the animal gets daily exercise and a healthy diet.

By hiring a pet sitter, you will be at ease knowing that your pet is under good care. Professional pet sitters are equipped with first aid skills which are crucial during any emergencies or accidents. They are well trained and can easily detect if your pet has any symptoms of sickness or distress. Pet sitters are also bonded and insured. Bonds and insurance cover are important for protection against financial losses that can occur due to accidents or misplacement of personal items. .

Apart from health matters, the pet sitters can also perform other duties. They offer additional tasks like mail collection, watering flowers, trash removal and grooming. The pet sitter can also acts as security to your home if you are traveling for days, weeks or months. The presence of someone in your home can help deter burglary, theft or vandalism in your property.

A professional pet sitter is able to provide good care to your animal companion just like you would have done yourself. The professional will update you on how the pet is fairing. He or she will also update you about your home in general. The pet sitter will show love and needed attention to the pet. The professional will ensure that the animal plays and eats properly.

Another benefit of hiring a pet sitter is that you will minimize the exposure of your companion animal to the illnesses or parasites of other animals. If you were to take the pet to a kennel, it could be exposed to several conditions like giardiasis, kennel cough and distemper. It may also be exposed to parasites like fleas and ticks. When receiving care at home, your pet will avoid these potential hazards.

Pet sitting services will prevent your pet from experiencing trauma attacks. Some animals get traumatized by long journeys. Trips are sometimes painful and tiresome for pets. Pet sitting is therefore the perfect option if your companion animal has travel issues. This will save you the stress you normally face when traveling with the pet.

A pet sitting service provider will also take responsibility if an emergency occurs. Many pet sitters work closely with veterinarians. They can contact them if your pet develops a problem that requires immediate medical attention.

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