Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Obedience Training Seattle Businesses Offer Residents

By Brenda Stone

Your young puppy or mature dog very definitely requires some attention to his behaviors. Do not worry about this issue, as the obedience training Seattle businesses offer for you and your pet are the best to be had. After just a few sessions, your dog will be so much better behaved and calm. He will actually listen to your basic commands and become the loyal and obedient companion that you desire. Your existence with him will feel so much more controlled, and you as his owner will enjoy his companionship so much more.

Issues with your dog may include running away, pulling on his leash, biting, barking incessantly, jumping on guests, or failing to come when called. Taking coursework to help you with these behavior problems will help you get your pet permanently under control. If you have more than one dog, it is especially important to teach them to overcome negative habits or you will become totally overwhelmed.

There are so many other great reasons for your pet to attend these classes with you. Your biggest concern may be taking your dog out in public. You really want him to be respectful of other animals and behave properly in crowds. There are so many malls, restaurants, and parks that are opening their doors to pets, and you want to be able to take your companion to some of these areas.

Prepare your pet for his upcoming lessons by making sure all of his shots are up to date. A few days before the classes begin, take him to the environment where the classes will be held and walk him around to get him used to the location. Let him explore while on a leash so he gets all of his curiosity assuaged before his first lesson.

Take it slow and easy in the first session. Be sure to arrive early and allow your pet to orient himself to the surroundings. He may be somewhat anxious so give him time to get comfortable with the area. Be sure to closely monitor your dog so he does not get aggressive with other people or dogs or become the target of aggression himself.

During training, your companion will learn how to respond to basic commands such as "stay, " "sit, " "down, " and "wait." Be sure to immediately reinforce positive behaviors with treats, petting, and verbal compliments. You will also be able to teach your pet to walk correctly while on a leash, learn basic grooming tips, and get a short course on recommended health care for your pet.

There are several other courses that can be taken. Puppy classes, advanced obedience classes, and even one-on-one sessions will all benefit you and your animal. If he does well, you may even decide to enter him in shows in the area.

As is clearly illustrated, obedience classes can benefit both a pet and the pet's owner. Frustration levels will be reduced, the animal will be appreciated and loved even more, and a bond will be formed that will last for many years to come.

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