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Why You Should Consider A Summer Camp With Dogs Miami Fl

By Janet Baker

The benefits of spending the summer with dogs are numerous and long lasting. It might be a fairly new concept, but a summer camp with dogs Miami Fl has been recognized for a long time as an ideal way to spend the summer for adults and children alike. Who doesn't feel better after giving a little TLC to our four legged friends? Everyone benefits from a relationship like this.

As each year passes technology becomes more and more a part of our lives. For children this is particularly worrying as they can't see the drawbacks. Going away to this type of summer camp is an ideal solution as it takes them away from all screens and places them in the sunshine and outdoors alongside the perfect companions. They won't even notice what they are missing until it is time to come home.

As an added benefit that sneaks in alongside all the fun, spending time getting to know these wonderful creatures is an excellent form of stress relief. Studies have shown that stroking and walking dogs reduces stress and improves temperament and empathy in people. Nowadays stress can sneak up on children as they face exams, bullying and social pressure. Dogs are a wonderful solution to all this.

Some children dread camps because they are filled with thoughts of being forced to spend time with people they don't like and doing activities they don't enjoy. This, however, is not that type of camp. Spending time in the company of dogs is so much fun, no matter what you are doing, that all worries will disappear. You may be faced with a child desperate for a new pet at the end of the summer though.

For children who cannot have pets at home these camps are a particular blessing, giving them the chance to experience life with animals without having to commit long term to adding another member to the family. Sometimes having animals in the home can never be an option due to an allergy in the home or strict rental policies, so a summer camp like this can make a huge difference.

Sneaking exercise into your child's life can sometimes be tricky when all they want to do is play video games or watch tv. These camps have activity woven into each day and the best thing is that the children won't even notice because they are having so much fun. Running around, playing fetch, taking them for walks and taking part in the training will be all the exercise they need each day.

As if you needed any more things on the pros list, activities around dogs are an excellent way to learn life skills. You'd be surprised how much you can learn just from spending time around them, but in a controlled learning environment, you can't help but learn from these wonderful creatures. Whether it is learning the importance of being responsible for someone else's food and water, or learning animal CPR and first aid skills, it is all useful and is best taught in a hands on way, not just in the classroom.

For anyone looking for a summer that offers fun, education, entertainment, exercise and much more, these camps are the ideal solution to those long, boring summer days. Children adore them and parents can relax in the knowledge that their children are safe and happy.

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