Monday, July 30, 2018

Business Proposal

Good Day!

How are you doing? I just want to apologize for any inconvenience this email may cause you.I'm interested in establishing and operating a very lucrative business with you. My name is Vincent Evan and I work for numerous farm animal industry in Helsinki, Finland as a marketing consultant. The company I work for is a domestic and farm animal company which deals with the treatment of all kinds of domestic and farm animals including horses.

There is an Antidote which is highly needed here in my company and in so many farm company's here in Finland. This Antidote is known as IMRAB GOLD 1.M EQUINE. IMRAB GOLD 1.M EQUINE is an antidote which is used for the treatment of farm and domestic animals. IMRAB GOLD 1.M EQUINE relieves pain caused by swelling and inflammation associated with joint disease and absorbs shock in horses.

This Antidote is sold in the USA at a costly rate of $4,750 USD per-carton. Recently, I found out that this Antidote is cheaper in Malaysia and it is sold at the rate of $850USD per-carton, which is very cheap than what is been sold in the USA and other countries.

The seller of this antidote in Malaysia is a woman known as Mrs. Azizah Binti Harun. Mrs. Azizah sells this antidote at the cost of $850usd while my company buys at the rate of $3,950usd which is cheaper to them compared to the price in the USA because my company doesn't know the price of the antidote in Malaysia. Every further details and contact will be provided based on your determination in handling the business.

I should have handled the business myself, but I am suffering from leukemia which cannot permit me to travel. All I need is your reliability in doing this business and in terms of the profit made in the business, 60% goes to you and 40% is mine. Feel free to write me via, for more details.

Take good care and have a nice day.

Vincent Evan

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