Friday, July 27, 2018

Lazy Kittens Will Benefit From An Indoor Cat Exerciser

By Jerry Olson

Having a pet is great but a lot of new owners tend to underestimate the maintenance. Unlike a child, it can be tricky because animals cannot tell humans directly what it is they want. Although some experts have come up with ways to read body language, this is rather general information. However, one thing that is easy to notice is when pets get restless. When space is limited, having something like an indoor cat exerciser is ideal.

There are advantages and disadvantages to living in a multiple unit structure and one is being able to have a pet on the premises. Most property owners impose weight restrictions for dogs, even though these are the animals most likely to benefit from a little outdoor activity. Anyone who owns a bird or cat may have a little more leeway in terms of having a place to stay but physical activity may be limited.

One common factor with many household pets with weight issues is their diet. Many who suffer often eat human food at least once a day. Pair that with sitting around the house and they will become obese or develop diabetes in a matter of time. For cat owners, diet is really important since certain breeds are susceptible to having kidney problems.

Although some experts say that some full breeds are easier to discipline than domestic breeds, sometimes even a lazy feline can cause problems while their human is at work or school. While getting a cat behaviorist may seem like a good idea, this can be costly. The good news is that there are some reasonable options that do not cost a lot of money or take up much space.

Similar to the hamster wheel, exercisers for cats are great for felines who are on the hyperactive side or need to lose weight. Although there are few people who like their animals on the pudgy side, feeding them food meant for humans does not help matters. Like people, they may overeat out of boredom or know that if they beg for human food, they will get it.

However, there are many fitness gadgets that are ideal for apartments or places where placing holes in walls is prohibited. Not to mention toys that can be taken anywhere, in case an owner decides to take their pet on a trip with them. All it takes is a few minutes of daily activity to see a difference and some working adults may even set up a schedule for their cats to work out if they are not inclined to do it on their own.

Having a cat that is restless can be quite the challenge. Sometimes even simply play with toys can stimulate them into hyperactivity and when in this state, owners may find themselves mentally and physically exhausted. This does not always mean that they do not care but often, they find that the same activities that calmed the cat previously do not work. Some owners spend hours after a long day trying to appease and hoping their precious valuables do not suffer any damage.

There are some advantages to having an active pet in the home. They are more likely to engage with children and other animals. Also, their behaviors may be therapeutic for some, whereas standoffish cats may not always be up to human interaction. Whatever the choice, having physical activity options can pay off whether a person has kittens, birds, or reptile

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