Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Guide To Buying Russian Siberian Kitten

By Deborah Price

Buying a pet is always a pleasant experience. However, before you get one, you need to know what it takes to keep it happy. Therefore, you should conduct some research about their particular breed you are to purchase so that you are informed about the quality, temperament, and what the animal requires for daily maintenance. This will ensure that both of you end up being happy friends. Read on and discover more about the Russian Siberian Kitten.

Unlike other cats, this breed has long waterproof fur. This is mainly because of its origin, which is the cold temperate climate of Russia. It is naturally designed to help keep the animal dry even during the winter season. During the cold season, the coat is triple dense but it is shorter in summer. Hence, they are categorized as a semi-longhair breed.

This cat also has an amazing personality. Actually, they are considered to be quite smart. Most cats do not play fetch but these ones do! Moreover, they are very loyal animals and always want to be next to their owners. They also like children as well as other animals. Therefore, if you have kids or other pets around, then there's nothing to fear.

As a pet, this is a very quiet animal. Unlike other cats that make a lot of noise around the house, Siberians tend to be a bit calmer. If they need to communicate, they will use deep purring, trills, chirps, and mews. Even when they're playing, you will not hear them making too much noise.

The temperament of the Siberian is also quite good. This breed is fearless and naturally calm. However, they are also gentle and friendly. As soon as you buy one, you'll notice that they have sweet facial expressions. Therefore, this makes them a good pet if you're looking for something for your child. They're not known to be aggressive and your kids will be safe.

Siberians love to play. Actually, they are quite comfortable with almost all types of toys. You will always notice that the kittens are lively throughout their lives. According to some owners, these animals even seem to know when one needs moral support and they will come and cuddle them.

The cat is not so heavy and you can easily carry it around. The average male weighs about 15-20 lbs. While the female weighs less at a maximum average of 15 lbs. However, under certain conditions, record weights of 25 lbs. Have been reported.

Siberian cats have all color combinations. Well, not literally but they have quite a variety of colors. Therefore, if you're someone who likes to have something unique, you can always find one with quite apart and you'll all find elsewhere. In general, however, they come with white markings but can be color-pointed. They can come in black, white, blue, and other colors.

Like any other cat, this breeds also requires grooming. However, they have such a nice coat with long, lustrous fur. This means that the coat does not tangle or mat. Hence, a few minutes of grooming weekly should be sufficient to prevent hairballs.

Most cats are prone to diseases brought about by inbreeding. This is not the case for this breed. Hence, your only worry should be the normal cat diseases.

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