Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wild Animals As Domestic Pets

By George Collins

Pets are tamed animals kept by humans as a means of pleasure or keeping is seen in different cultures and societies. Dogs cats horses birds fish etc are some common choices. Dogs are the most popular and known to be the first domesticated species. They are found in several breeds categorized based on their traits. To name a few German shepherd kite Doberman AKC Schnauzer California.

Animals were kept under control by man since the prehistoric period. They served to fulfill certain purposes such as for hunting tracking guarding for food garments. Wolves were earliest disciplines species. They travel and hunt in packs.

Helps one to stay active by getting involved in training these precious beasts taking them out for walks and doing pet related chores like bathing cleaning etc. Relieve from stress and tensions. Also people with pets tend to live longer compared to others.

Later people turned to agriculture for food supply and income. Cattle, sheep goats cows were raised for food milk and by products. Livestock rearing played significant role in farming. They benefited the land by caring tilling and irrigating.

Some commonly seen infections are ringworm, tick infestation. Vaccinate the animal and make a routine visits to the vet. Sanitize homes with pets on regular basis including their toys grooming tools food bowls sleeping area. Families must be very careful with infections spread by pets because some are very dangerous. It is risky to deal with contamination as well.

A number of nonprofit organization have been established around the world over the years for the welfare of these loving species. They had aimed at rescuing animals who suffer due to negligence abuse and life threatening dangerous. Several have been rescued from difficult conditions. They get rescued and provided with immediate medical care. Once they are nursed into a proper health they are given the necessary training to mingle and trust humans. After which some are moved to shelters. These shelters process the adoption formality.

There was a time where owning certain variety were a symbol of status and wealth. Meant as a mere show and were treated as royalty. Exotic pets are appealing to a kind of people. These include jaguars lions tigers alligators. In short animals pulled out from their natural habitat. These are difficult to manage once reached adult hood because of the inability to provide them basic nutrition and most of them end up in zoos. They are dangerous to their owners neighbors and other smaller animals. Laws are implemented against capturing endangered species.

circus is a form of a variety of acts. Juggling acrobatics clowns to name a few. Animals have always been core attraction in the beginnings but due to their mistreatment they have become less popular. Menageries are another fascinating part to fun elements.

Conservation avoids this destruction also they are kept and bred in the confines of the zoo and successfully returned into the wilds. Sea life centers are present in certain developed countries. These are directed in protection of aquatic animals. Public gets opportunity to touch and feel marine animals. They display exotic and local varieties exclusive to that area.

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