Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Your Keeshond Dog And You

By Sharon Brooks

This is a type of dog that falls into the medium size category. This is something that many people look for in an animal friend because these type of dogs aren't so big that they will knock over everything in the house and destroy your legs and the sofa every time they try to jump up, but also not so tiny that you always have to worry about stepping on them or tripping over them. This is one of the aspects that makes the keeshond breed the favorite of many, and it is not too difficult to find a kennel, bed, and other necessary items and accessories to give your furry friend the care and love that he or she deserves.

A quality that everybody recognizes this dog for is that they have quite a bit of hair, so that's something you should definitely be prepared for it you are thinking about owning one. You will have to be diligent with your washing and brushing routine if you hope to keep your pet's coat looking nice and neat. You'll definitely notice a difference in the cleanliness of your carpet and furniture if you end up slacking in that department.

One great thing about these animals is that they tend to be highly obedient. This is great for people who have never trained a dog before are looking to start with a new dog. It is much easier to start with a dog that is likely to respond to your commands than one that tends to be stubborn and difficult. That is why many professional animal trainers recommend this breed for first-timers.

Anyone who wants to adopt this type of dog should really be planning about fifteen years into the future. This is because this type of dog usually lives for about that long. If you don't plan far enough into the future, you might find that you wind up with a poor dog who has to be separated from the family he or she has bonded with for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, this dog is not hypoallergenic. It should definitely be avoided by those who have severe dog allergies. It is always a good idea to inform friends who are allergic before they come over.

This breed is known for being quite playful. This is great for people with a lot of kids who enjoy playing around with the dogs, or other pets that will want to play as well. It is important to give these dogs plenty of playtime to get all of that extra energy out of their system.

You should be aware of how fast these dogs are. They can chase down a frisbee like nobody's business. They can also shoot out the door and down the street when you are least expecting it, so it might be a good idea to get a locator chip installed just in case your pet gets scared or excited, runs off, and gets lost.

Many new dog owners make plenty of errors in their preparations to welcome the pet into their home. They quickly find out their mistakes by what the dog tears up. It's a good idea to double check the whole house to see that it is thoroughly doggy-proof.

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