Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Find A New Friend In An Egyptian Mau Nebraska

By Robert Foster

The thing that many people just adore about this particular breed is how very rare they are. If you are the type of person who likes to have something that you can be pretty sure no one else in your neighborhood can say they have as well, you might be interested in rarer breeds such as these. This is just one of the things that draw many people to the Egyptian Mau Nebraska, and for that reason they tend to be a little bit harder to find, not to mention quite a bit more expensive once you finally do come across someone who breeds them and is willing to make an offer.

You'll be able to spot this breed quite easily since they have very striking and distinct features. The first thing that many people notice are the spots, which usually covert them pretty much from head, to toe, to tail, but all cats' patterns will be slightly different, and the majority of the speckles and spots will be concentrated along the back. Other defining features of the Egyptian Mau include eyes that are quite large and a distinct shade of green in color, and fur colors that range from silvery, pale silver, bronze, or smoke.

Many families just love the fact that their cat is always willing to play and cuddle with them. This is not always the case with all feline creatures, so it is definitely something to consider when you are picking out a pet. People who love to hug and pet their cats a lot will love this breed, and it is certainly something to consider for people who have busy schedules and might not always be there to spend time with the cat.

Something you'll want to keep in mind if you are thinking about owning this type of animal is that they are not very prone to vocalizing. While this might sound like a relief to many people who have owned cats who make way too much noise at the exact wrong times - and to be sure, it is a huge relief for that very reason - it also means that you must be extra diligent and vigilant when it comes to tending to all of your pet's needs. He or she might be hungry or have to go to the bathroom, and you might not notice because the cat is so quiet.

People who have allergies or sensitivities to pet fur should keep in mind that this animal sheds a lot. As long as he or she is brushed regularly, this should not be a problem. This is definitely a discussion that should be had before the animal is brought home.

If you are throwing a big party, keep in mind that the cat might disappear for a while. This animal, and this breed especially, doesn't like strangers. They will warm up to them, but it takes time and kindness.

Plenty of people find that they are so much happier when they have an animal companion. Many people live alone for one reason or another, and even if you don't live alone, you might feel lonely sometimes or just wish you had a special friend. Cats are great for fulfilling this very human desire since the companionship is something the species clearly values as well.

You'll want to make sure this animal gets off on the right foot with the other pets in your house. Otherwise, feuds might develop that can last a surprisingly long time. As long as they are coaxed into a friendship, this cat can play very nicely with other animals.

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