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How To Choose An English Bulldog Puppy For Sale

By Henry Murphy

If you are eager to add a new member to your family, you must get the ideal pet that is loyal and good-natured. The reason you need to be careful is that some pets like pups might be prone to many kinds of diseases. Do not be among the people who buy pups because of their looks and have no clue they need a lot of care to stay healthy. The following is a guide on how to choose an English bulldog puppy for sale.

Tip number one is checking the body size and shape. It is up to the buyer to select the right body type and size. In a liter, you will find English bulldogs with short legs, thin legs, and huge heads. Inquire about these body types from experts before making a decision. These dogs also have a range of body weights. Select the size that you feel is right. Nutrition must be an issue too.

The next pointer is on age. No matter how desperate you are to have a pooch, never choose one that is less than 8 weeks and more than 16 weeks. The reason being when the pooch is young, it depends on the mother a lot. The more time they spend with the parents and other puppies, the more they learn new things. However, avoid those that are over four months because it is a bad time to begin training.

The other tip is to ensure the pup is up to date with all shots. Some breeders try to cut expenses by reducing the number of visits a vet makes to their litter. This can put the health of the pooch at risk. As a rule of the thumb, avoid people who have not registered their pups and keep proper health records. Checking the various parts like the eyes, nose, and stomach can help tell if the animal is in good health or not.

The breeder is the other factor. After deciding with your family that you want an English bulldog, the next thing is to research on the registered bulldog breeders in your area. Pick a breeder who is a member of a breeders association and who is certified. Such people adhere to rules and standards for breeding and selling puppies hence will sell the best breeds.

Another step is meeting the parents. You must know the bloodline of the puppy you are taking home. Check to see whether the parents are registered with bodies that set standards. You will find the history of the parents and their health record. If the puppy has no paperwork, then you might fail to know his or her parents.

Additionally, check the color. There is a broad range of colors which include white, black, fawn and brown. A lot of people overlook the color and check other features. Consult with your family and consider some factors before picking the right color.

Lastly, take a look at yourself as the owner too. These animals do not like lots of exercises because they are lazy. If you are a person who is physically active, it is not right for you because it will not keep you company during your runs. However, someone who loves staying at home will be right for an English bulldog.

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