Monday, October 29, 2018

The Liver Schnauzers California Breeders Are Raising Make Great Companions

By Marie Hall

Pets add a lot to the lives of their owners. They can be teaching tools for parents with children. Kids have to learn the responsibility that comes with pet ownership. For others cats and dogs are dear companions and sometimes the only interaction they have with other living things on a daily basis. Since they are so important to owners, it is equally important to choose an animal with the right kind of temperament and living requirements. For many the liver Schnauzers California breeders raise fits the bill.

With their tufted eyebrows, full beards, and short stocky frames, the schnauzer is delightful to look at. The dogs were first bred in Germany some time before the 1500s. Their main function was to control vermin, herd livestock, and guard the farmer and his family from the criminal element. Farmers often took them along as guards when they brought their crops to market. Schnauzers are placed in the working group by the American Kennel Club.

A standard Schnauzer stands slightly less than two feet tall and weighs about forty pounds at maturity. They live to be anywhere from thirteen years to sixteen years old. Their coats are usually either black or salt and pepper. The liver Schnauzer is a chocolate version of the black and white. Their outer coat is wiry and dense and protects the soft undercoat. These dogs need regular grooming. You have to comb their beards every day.

These little dogs are extremely intelligent. They are inventive, curious, and imaginative. This has advantages and disadvantages. A Schnauzer can be very creative when it comes to getting his own way. These are dogs that need owners who take charge of them instead of the other way around.

Your Schnauzer will be very protective of you and your family. You can count on him to bark if he hears anything suspicious. He will be happy to meet strangers however after they have been invited into the home. As with any dog, the Schnauzer requires social interaction at an early age so that he is comfortable with humans later on.

The Schnauzer makes good pets for families with children. They are generally patient and tolerant of youngsters and certainly have enough energy to keep up with even the liveliest kids. It is still important to make sure no young child is left alone with a Schnauzer or any other animal. A responsible adult should always be nearby to ensure the safety of both the child and the dog.

The Schnauzer is a very healthy breed. They are susceptible to hip dysplasia and eye problems however, like many breeds. It's always important to ask the breeder for health clearances from the Canine Eye Registry and Orthopedic Foundations. Most of the time an annual visit to the vet for shots and a checkup are all that is required.

Training a Schnauzer should be easy because he is so smart. They also have minds of their own and aren't usually interested in repetitive instruction. Crating them to house train them is the the most effective way to teach acceptable behaviors. All in all the Schnauzer make a great addition to households and great companions for their owners.

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