Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Services Provided By Dog Boarding In Springfield MA Businesses

By Ruth Hughes

There are many joys to having a dog for a pet. They become like family, entertaining you and making you laugh, as well as being there to support you when you are sad. They do have some quirks, however. Some do not deal well with being separated from their human for very long, chewing shoes and making messes as a result of separation anxiety. If this happens, you can employ the services of a Dog Boarding in Springfield MA business to help.

These services basically get paid to take care of your dog for short or long stretches of time. They have well-trained staff who know about canine temperaments and breeds and how to perform CPR and first aid if needed. This way, you know your pet is in good hands at all times while they are boarding.

When choosing your boarding service, they will offer you several options. One of them is a daytime only option. This is where you drop the pooch off in the morning, and pick them up later in the day. They get food and snacks, and the benefits of being able to run around and play with other dogs, so they have a lot of fun and get some exercise too.

Overnight stays, whether for a night, a weekend or longer, are also available. All the feeding, snacks and playing that come with a day stay are included, but they get their own pet bed to lounge in and sleep in while you are away. This is ideal for people who need to go out of town on business or for a much-needed vacation where you cannot leave the dog alone.

Before the pooch can join these doggy daycares, they have to go through a socializing test of sorts to ensure they get along with other dogs. This may entail you bringing the pet to the daycare center so they can play with other dogs. If they are too aggressive or try to harm the other dogs, they may not be allowed to join.

Before your four-legged child's first day at daycare, you will likely need to go to your vet and get documentation that they pet has been spayed or neutered and is up to date on all required shots. This keeps your pet and the others all safe and sound in terms of health.

If your dog is in need of a bath or fur trim or shave, you can opt to have the team groom him while he is staying at the daycare. While a few might include this service in your price, most will charge extra if you want any or all of these things done. Nail trimming may also be available.

Many pet parents can experience separation anxiety and need to be able to see their dog while they are away, especially if they are away for long periods of time on a trip. Some centers have webcams available so you can see what your furry child is doing any time of the day or night, at a time that is convenient for you. This can go a long ways towards helping you feel better about the separation, especially when you see your dog frolicking and having a good time.

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