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Things To Know Before You Buy A Savannah Cats Nebraska

By Larry Perry

Most people on the planet will want to have a pet, and quite a few also would want a pet which is quite unique. Thus they will want a pet that is a bit different from others, such as what Savannah cats Nebraska owners have done, by choosing the savannah as their chosen breed for a pet. If you are of like mind and bent, then perhaps you should read on in this article for more information on this particular cat breed before making a decision.

First and foremost you have to be sure you are ready to take on being an owner of a cat. The breed in question, although having a wild genetic base, is still a cat through and through. It will be used to getting what it wants when it wants it, and your reprimands will be able to do nothing. Now if you couple this bravado with a cat that is one of the largest domestic breeds, then you will have a difficult time. Do not take on this breed unless you are a real cat lover and know and love cats to the extreme.

This breed is nothing more than a hybrid cat which was the result of a cross between a serval, an African savannah cat, and a regular domestic cat. The resulting breed is one that is considered one of the largest cat breeds as previously mentioned. It looks very much like a leopard, and when standing on all four legs fully erect, is larger than a regular small sized dog.

An agile and very active cat, this cat will require a bit of space to romp in and jump around in. As it needs space, the ideal habitat for it will be out in the countryside, where an outdoor enclosure can be made for it. The enclosure makes sure that it is kept within the premises while still keeping it in touch with nature.

Twenty thousand dollars is something that you should be willing to let go of to buy one kitten. They are by no means cheap and this is because they are in a limited supply. This is because they are hard to breed and thus breeding pools remain small. In addition they are also declared as illegal to own in the states of Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii and Georgia, which adds to the price and appeal somewhat.

This cat also has long legs which of course adds to their stance and also to their powers in jumping. From a standing jump they can reach up to almost seven feet in height. This is also comparable to the Bengal, another wildcat hybrid which can jump quite high in relation to its size.

The health of this cat is quite robust and you need not worry much about it. It is however, still a bit of a wild cat so you may need to feed it something raw once in a while. It is probably best to ask other owners or even the breeders as regards this kind of feeding regimen that you should be aware of.

In sum this article has given you some basic considerations as to what the savannah is and what you need to consider before taking it on as a pet. Remember that it takes a lot commitment and responsibility to be a pet owner so you should prepare yourself as much as possible.

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