Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What To Know About Egyptian Mau For Sale

By Christine Lee

Fans of cats who love looks that are exotic can choose the Egyptian Mau. This is because it is among the two cats that are naturally spotted and lives in homes. The other cat is the Bahraini Dilmun Cat. This means that human beings did not manipulate the genes of the cats to achieve the spots. Their stripes and spots are natural and differentiate them from other breeds of felines. Below are facts one must know regarding Egyptian Mau for sale.

The name of this breed tends to suggest that they have their origin from the country of Egypt. However, that may not be true since their place of origin is not clear. Some evidence states that they must have descended from some wild African cat. Another theory is that they came from Europe as suggested by DNA evidence. Finally, phylogenetic tree evidence suggests that they may have come from western-derived breeds.

The question of their origin is further complicated by the fact that spotted cats exist in modern-day Egypt. On the other hand, the Maus share more than a passing resemblance with kitties such as the Korat, Turkish Angoras, and Maine Coon. To add on this, there is a close genetic similarity between the aforementioned western cat breeds and the Maus.

Without regard to the origin of this cat, it is clear that they are a rare species and are beautiful. They are given the looks of a miniature jungle cat by their spotted bodies. Their bodies are slender and muscular with somewhat exclusive anatomy, behaviors and metabolism. For example, their legs are among the aspects with anatomical difference. Their hind limbs are slightly longer than their front limbs.

The other anatomical difference is that they have a skin fold underneath their bellies. The skin fold is similar to that found in cheetahs and enables them to run faster by stretching back farther. This is what enables them to such fast runners. They are the equivalent to greyhounds in the feline world since they are the fastest.

Maus are great jumpers and climbers, which makes it necessary for owners to buy tall cat tree. They are very active when playing games such as fetch. They like to sit on the laps when they are not playing. They also exhibit strong loyalty and fierce devotion, which makes them enjoy to spend time with people. However, they tend to love one member of the family more than all others.

They need early socialization considering their tendency to be friendly and loving with only their main owners. Early socialization is also necessary to ensure they warm up easily to other pets and people. Despite the Maus being peaceful and calm, they are hunters. As such, one should be careful with other pets such as rabbits, birds, and hamsters in the home. Socialization is the key to rooting out this behavior.

Finally, one can easily tell when the cat is happy. Happiness is indicated by rapid swishing of the tail, chortling quietly, and kneading with front paws. They exhibit sensitivity to temperature changes, medicines, and anesthesia. They prefer warm temperatures. They have a longer gestational period of 73 days. This is longer than the normal gestation of 65-67 days.

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