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Before Buying French Bulldog Puppies For Sale TX

By Steven Davis

Currently you have landed on this article because you are thinking of either getting a new pet altogether or one to replace the pet you have lost. Quite a few recommendations have come your way from colleagues and friends insisting you buy French bulldog puppies for sale TX. Before you take them up on this suggestion, it may be a good idea to finish off this article first for more information.

Do a mental inventory first of what will need of you to be a good pet owner. Make sure that you will be able to commit time for whatever pet it is that you will choose and be aware of the responsibilities that come with it. One of the ways to becoming a responsible and committed pet owner is to get as much information on the pet as a possible first move.

The French bulldog, or Frenchie for short, is a close relation to the English bulldog, which is much bigger. Both the English bulldog and the Frenchie originated from sporting dog stock since the ancient Greek times. This ancient stock was used in the blood sport of bull baiting, where dogs and bulls were thrown into the arena. As the sport slowly dissipated due to it being outlawed, the remaining dogs now being jobless, were made into household pets.

As mentioned, the Frenchie is related to the English bulldog, but it is also very different from it rather than through its physical characteristics alone. It is definitely much smaller and stouter, and has smaller legs. Its perennially erect ears make it look like a bat face wise. Apart from this, it does lack the aggressive alpha dog behavior found in its English cousin, and therefore it is much safer to keep around children and other animals.

This is also a dog that cannot regulate its core body temperature. This is due to a shortened trachea or windpipe and this being coupled with a pug nose. Thus this dog will not survive very long in extremely hot, or extremely cold climates, and this you must take into account very carefully.

This breed is chosen by a lot of people, especially by those living in small spaces like apartments and condominiums. This is because of their small size of course. It can adapt to small space living and be pretty happy being sedentary for the most part of the day. However, it is advised that it be given at least 30 minutes of exercise outdoors a day.

In terms of socialization, this dog is one that can be considered as an attention monger of sorts. It wants to be included in all activities as much as possible and will let you know if it is disappointed with the attention it is given. They will let out an eerie and ululating howl called the French Death Yodel, which is all too familiar with owners of the breed.

This article has shown some important considerations before buying a French bulldog puppy of your own. It is also a good idea to perhaps do research on how to groom such a breed so as to add to your knowledge. To be able to call yourself a good pet owner, try to get as much information as can on the specific breed you have an eye on.

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