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Before You Buy Standard Schnauzer Puppies California

By Betty Stewart

Currently at this point in time you may be thinking of getting a pet dog to keep you company at home. Some of your friends have recommended that you consider a schnauzer as a possible candidate. You think this may be a good idea are thinking of visiting a standard schnauzer puppies California breeder to get a pup. Before you do however plunk down your cash and hard earned money, do read on in this article for more information.

This breed, the standard schnauzer, is the original schnauzer stock and is the origin of two modern breeds today being the mini and giant versions. The breed first came about during the 14th and 15th centuries as a working farm dog in Germany. Its name when translated means snout, and it is probably referring its huge handlebar mustache. Some jokingly say that its features will remind one of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

This breed is not overly expensive and is quite affordable even for an ordinary dog lover. A puppy can set you back anywhere from USD 400 to about USD 1500. As a general rule expect to pay more if it is female. Buying an older dog of 2 years or more will cost around seventy five dollars to four hundred dollars.

The schnauzer can also be considered as one of the more intelligent dog breeds in the world today. Currently it ranks number twelve out of one hundred and eighty dog breeds tested for intelligence. It is a joy to train as it learns things very quickly. Should it finally be trained, it may find the rote activities quite boring over time and may look at you incredulously as if you were the one who was stupid.

This dog is no couch potato and will require its fair share of exercise. It goes without saying that it may be needed that you be an active owner as well. It likes to play with people and also with other dogs and will join any activity with enthusiasm. This dog is one which enjoys outdoor activities, particularly long walks and the occasional romp and play.

Upon adulthood, this breed can reach anywhere from thirty five to forty five pounds in weight. On average the lifespan can be anywhere from thirteen to fifteen years. It has quite a robust health throughout its natural life, but do keep a lookout for minor complications to its eyes and hips. Its diet is fairly easy to maintain with any high quality commercial dog food.

This dog sheds very little fur but care must be taken in terms of grooming. This breed has two coats of fur being a wiry upper coat and a softer undercoat. Care should be taken as not to trim the outer coat too much as it will lose its resistance to dust and debris. It is recommended that old and dead hair be pulled carefully out by hand rather than cut. To make it look neat and tidy, at least two three regular brushings of at least thirty minutes per week is required.

This article hopefully has given you an overview of this breed and what to expect. Always get as much information on any pet breed you want to take on when you want to be a responsible pet owner.

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