Thursday, November 8, 2018

Before You Go And Visit Chinese Crested Powder Puff Breeders

By Margaret Bailey

Right now you are reading this article since you have been searching the net looking for a replacement pet or even a new one. Just recently you saw a Chinese crested powder puff breeders sign selling puppies and somehow this has attracted your interest. Before anything else however, particularly a purchase, it may be a good idea to read on in this article first.

First of all take a step back and make an honest inventory of yourself and your intentions. Make sure you are getting a pet for the right intentions and reasons and not just as a fad or something for the heck of it. Remember that you will be taking of a living thing and you need to be committed and responsible. And one way to show responsibility is to know more about your preferred breed before buying it.

The Chinese crested dog is a so named because of the characteristic crest found on the top of its head, which is somewhat akin to the mane of horse. Two crested variations of this dog exists, one being the regular and the other being the powder puff. The regular crested only has hair on its head, the ends of its feet and the end of its tail while the whole body is basically hairless. The powder puff on the other hand has its whole body covered with hair.

Regardless of their physical differences, it must be noted that these dogs are of the same breed and have one common ancestor. Many believe that since they are called Chinese that they came from China, when actually research refutes it. It is believed that this breed originated in Africa and that Chinese traders them the on board their ships as a form of pest control dog. When they arrived back in China, the dog became popular and was so named.

In most if not all international dog registers, this dog will be classified under the toy breed section. It is a small dog and will reach about one foot on average at the shoulder and reach a maximum of twelve pounds upon maturity. It does have an average lifespan of around ten to fourteen years, but this can still be lengthened with proper nutrition, love and care.

Many will also say that this breed was created with the invalid in mind. This is because of its ability to stay still the whole day if needed and just lay around near you or on your lap. It can be termed as the ultimate lap dog and requires less than twenty minutes of exercise a day.

Even though this is a small dog in general, you will have your work cut out for you in the grooming department. If you happen to have the regular hairless variety you need to give it regular baths to prevent skin infections and the like. The recommended minimum is around two to three times a week. Should you have the powder puff on the other hand, you need to give it a good brush over daily to maintain coat smoothness and silkiness.

In addition, as a final note, this dog is extremely friendly with children and animals, and also gets along with strangers. However, due to its size, rough play must be avoided so that it will avoid injuries while playing.

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