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Essential Facts About Register My Dog

By Robert Gray

It is a requirement by the government under the relevant domestic animals act to have all pets registered with the relevant government agency. That implies that failing to do so can make the government to fine any offender. Besides avoiding the fine by the government, there are several other reasons that make it necessary to have all pets that one owns registered. This is worth knowing about Register my dog.

People above and below 18 years can register their pets in the US according to the law. However, if a person who is below 18 registers a pet, it will be considered to be under the ownership of a guardian or parents of the underage. Therefore, whenever liability, penalties or prosecutions are labeled against the owner of the pet, the parent of guardian involved will be held responsible.

There is no exact age for a pet to be registered as it varies with different animal species. Local councils however, consider three months to be an appropriate age for the registration of cats and dogs. The registration is renewed each year in various states. It is therefore a must for a person to comply with the requirement as dictated by the law in the country. One must ensure that a pet has proper documentation from the government before purchasing one from a breeder.

Another reason for registration is that people require pet-related facilities, which are constructed using the tax they collect when they register their pets. For example, the tax is used to set up facilities like dog poop bins, animal shelters and dog parks. Dogs that are mostly under lock or on leashes can use dog parks as important facilities to exercise.

After registering a dog, a registration tag is usually provided to it. This registration tag is used in identifying a dog that is lost easily. The staff of animal management can also assist in locating and returning lost dogs to their owners safely. This reduces cases of lost animals which normally end up being a nuisance to human beings on the streets.

Another very important reason why one should have their pet registered is to be able to be accepted in evacuation and relief centers during a disaster. When people are being evacuated from a place because of a disaster or some other event, they normally have to provide the registration documents for their pets. These documents are needed in order for one to be allowed to seek refuge together with their animals.

The registration fee that one has to pay when they are registering their pets usually varies based on a few factors. These factors include age, breed, and purpose of the animal among others. There are circumstances where one may be charged a lower fee for the service. This include if the animal is de-sexed, has an obedience certificate, and kept for working stock among others.

Everybody is supposed to register their pets as it reflects responsible ownership. One company that offers the registration of pets in the United States is the AKC. It is very simple to do the registration and it is also a straightforward process.

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